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We have compiled a short list of our most Frequently Asked Questions for your perusal. If you don’t find a question on here that you need answered, please let us know and we will get back to you.


General (22)

Can I install this platform on a sub-domain?

Yes, it can be installed on a sub-domain or folder off of the main domain.

How do I purchase the Level 4 & ULTRA version?

For the Level 4 and ULTRA packages of the platform, you will receive 100% of the source code. With the source code version, you must sign a source code license/non-resale agreement. The UltraSMSScript Source Code License/Non-Resale Agreement will be sent to your email via DocuSign.

There are 3 payment options with Level 4 & ULTRA

1. Wire transfer. After you sign the agreement, I will send you my bank details for wire transfer.

2. Credit card. In this option, you have 2 choices. You can either sign and send back a credit card authorization form found here: UltraSMSScript CC Authorization Form, or I can send you a payment invoice via Quickbooks.

3. NEW Flexible loan through CIT online bank. We have partnered with them to provide you with an easy web application approval process you can access here: >> CIT Loan Application <<. They provide lending to Sole Props and Self Employed, with monthly payments – Terms Range from 6-72 Months and also 6 Months Deferred Payments!

Contact us at sales@ultrasmsscript.com to start the process.

Can I send MMS?

Yes, however MMS is only available when sending to US and Canadian numbers. If using Ytel, MMS is only available for US numbers. With Ytel, you must get these numbers approved and manually added to your Ytel account first, after which you can add them to the script inside the admin panel.

Please be aware as well that the mobile carriers are much more restrictive in letting someone send many MMS messages from 1 long code number in rapid succession since there is much more bandwidth to factor in when sending actual images versus just sending regular text. It is much more imperative to assign multiple numbers to a user account and then rotate through those numbers(using our rotate feature) when sending bulk MMS. It’s best to distribute the load of your MMS traffic, so that MMS messages are sent from as many different outgoing phone numbers as possible to share the workload.

In many cases, clients will use the platform to send new subscribers a MMS auto-reply after they join the list by texting in a keyword, and then send these subscribers regular SMS messages going forward. For example, we have realtors using MMS, but they are using the MMS feature when people text in a keyword to find out more about a property and the MMS images are returned in the auto-reply. They then use normal SMS when notifying their list about updates to the properties, etc…

How can I control what countries my clients can send SMS to?

It’s understandable that in most cases, you would want to control what countries your clients can send SMS messages to. Each country and carrier has it’s own pricing and it would be difficult to create your SMS credit packages and what to price them at if your clients were sending SMS messages all over the world.

If you wanted to control this, you can by selecting the countries to give access to from your Twilio account here: https://www.twilio.com/user/account/settings/international/sms

Only select the country or countries you want your customers sending SMS messages to and uncheck all others. If a user attempts to send SMS to a country not selected, you won’t be charged and their credits won’t be deducted. It will simply be treated as a ‘failed’ message.

Can the sender ID be changed to something else, like company name?

Yes, but this feature is only active for countries that support it and also have SMS-enabled numbers available. So if your country has SMS-enabled numbers available(through Twilio, Plivo, or Nexmo) and also supports sending from an alphanumeric sender ID, you will see this option from the Bulk SMS page where you can enter your own 11 character sender ID to send from.

Keep in mind an alphanumeric sender ID is only used for one way communication. Recipients of messages with an alphanumeric sender ID will not be able to respond to you. Customers receiving text messages with your alphanumeric sender ID should have opted in to your service and been informed on how to opt out. You must offer your users the ability to opt out by writing to your support team, calling your support phone line, or texting STOP to your actual SMS-enabled number. We recommend that you provide your users with a clear description in your terms of services or when they initially sign-up.

Countries you will be able to send from an alphanumeric sender ID:


If using Twilio as your SMS gateway provider, you must fill out a request form first which they have to approve. You can find that form here:

Are there limitations on sending SMS messages to Indian mobile devices?

Yes, sending SMS to mobile numbers in India have some restrictions. You can read more about these restrictions here India SMS Restrictions

Is there a limit to how many SMS messages I can send at 1 time?

Technically there is really no limit, however these are long code numbers and mobile carriers are a little more cautious letting someone send thousands of SMS messages at 1 time for SPAM reasons. It’s best to use toll-free numbers when sending to larger groups of people. See here: Long Codes vs Toll-free Numbers.

With our platform, we have many safety measures built in to help avoid any potential issues.

1. You have the capability to assign multiple numbers to an account and then rotate through those numbers simply by ticking a checkbox! This provides a good safety measure in that to mitigate potential problems, it’s best to distribute the load of your SMS traffic, so that SMS messages with identical or similar contents are sent from as many different outgoing phone numbers as possible.

2. You have the capability to spin the text of your messages so that your message content varies with each outgoing message.

3. You can throttle the sending rate of your messages so that your messages get sent at a slower rate. Per carrier restriction, the fastest(default setting) you can send SMS on 1 long code is 1 SMS/second. However, you can slow that down to exercise extra caution. The slowest setting will send at rate of 10 SMS per minute or 1 SMS every 6 seconds.

SMS enabled number is not available in my country. How can I send SMS here?

If you chose the Twilio SMS gateway, you will need to select a number from one of these countries below. These countries can send global SMS.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Will I be eligible for future updates?

Yes, below is the upgrade pricing depending on what level you purchased:

Level 1 = $297(FREE 1st time installation service. Free UNLIMITED customer support. $187 upgrade price. 1 Domain License)

Level 2 = $497(FREE 1st time installation service. Free UNLIMITED customer support. $47 upgrade price. 1 Domain License)

Level 3 = $997(FREE UNLIMITED installation service. Free UNLIMITED customer support. Free lifetime upgrades. 2 Domain License

Level 4 = $1,997(FREE UNLIMITED installation service. Free UNLIMITED customer support. Free lifetime upgrades. 100% source code. Unlimited Domains)

So if you purchased Level 1, any future upgrades will cost you $187 each time we release a new version, if you want those new upgrades. We usually have anywhere from 2-4 new releases a year.

However, if you bought a copy and had customization work done to the script from us, we will need to re-integrate your custom work back in after you upgrade. Since this is time intensive, we will charge our customization rates to incorporate your custom work back into the new version of the software.

If a new version is released within 7 days of your purchase, we will upgrade you free of charge on levels 1 and 2. This wouldn’t apply to levels 3 and 4.

How do I accept payments if using this to start a white label subscription service(SaaS)?

Our platform is currently built on both the PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. You can use one or the other or both to accept payments. Your clients would select which method they want to use to pay you with when purchasing credit packages. You simply select which gateways you want to use in the admin panel. Your PayPal and/or Stripe information is entered into the admin panel as well so when someone buys a package from you using either of these 2 payment methods, the money goes straight to your own account.

What do I need to run this script?

UltraSMSScript utilizes a very light framework (CakePHP), meaning it will run fine on a Linux shared hosting account. However, if you plan to use the script heavily and send hundreds of bulk SMS at a time then a VPS is recommended since you have more server power, more control over timeout properties and execution times without worrying about the restrictions placed on you with a shared hosting account. This is a serious piece of software and to utilize it to its fullest extent, a VPS should be considered.

Recommended hosting company:

We are compensated for any hosting plans signed up through our links.

UltraSMSScript is built on 5 of the very best SMS API providers. Twilio, SignalWire, Plivo, Nexmo, and Ytel. You simply choose from the admin panel which SMS gateway you want to use! Depending on which SMS gateway you want to use, you will need to create an account with them and deposit some initial funds into your Twilio/SignalWire/Plivo/Nexmo/Ytel account to get started. The platform gets linked up to your gateway account via 2 API security tokens that you will need to plug in to the admin panel. Any SMS or voice costs are then simply deducted from your Twilio/SignalWire/Plivo/Nexmo/Ytel account balance.

NOTE: Please use this link when signing up with Ytel: >> Ytel Signup <<

Who provides the SMS and voice services?

UltraSMSScript is built on 7 of the very best SMS API providers. Telnyx, Twilio, SignalWire, Plivo, Nexmo, Ytel, and Bandwidth. You simply choose from the admin panel which SMS gateway you want to use! Depending on which SMS gateway you want to use, you will need to create an account with them and deposit some initial funds into your SMS gateway account to get started. The platform gets linked up to your gateway account via API security tokens that you will need to plug in to the admin panel. Any SMS or voice costs are then simply deducted from your Telnyx/Twilio/SignalWire/Plivo/Nexmo/Ytel/Bandwidth account balance.

Twilio Pricing: Here | Ytel Pricing: Here | Nexmo Pricing: Here | Plivo Pricing: Here | SignalWire Pricing: Here |

Telnyx Pricing: Here | Bandwidth Pricing: Here

NOTE: Please use this link when signing up with Ytel: >> Ytel Signup <<

After purchasing the software, what do I need to do?

It’s basically broken down into 4 simple steps:

Step 1 – Install UltraSMSScript

* Install software according to instructions (15-20 minutes)
NOTE: We provide free installation service if you are unable to do so**
Step 2 – Create a Twilio, Plivo or Nexmo Account

NOTE: Any SMS and voicemail costs is simply taken from the balance of your Twilio, Plivo, or Nexmo account.
Step 3 – Script Activation
*Link your Twilio, Plivo, or Nexmo account to the script via 2 API keys you will see in your gateway dashboard.
Step 4 – For Service Providers
*Create your SMS and Voice packages in the admin panel
*These packages will then be available in the “Purchase Credits” section
Step 4 – For Businesses Managing Their Own SMS Marketing Campaigns
*Create a new user account for yourself from the software.
*Choose and assign a number for this account.
Step 5 – Done

How do I setup the SMS and voice credit packages?

If you are a service provider, simply create your packages in the admin panel under “Packages” and give the package a certain number of credits at a certain monetary amount. For example, you can create 1 package with 100 credits for $10. This package will then be available in the “Purchase Credits” section for your customers to purchase from you.

This sample SMS package would break down to 10 cents per SMS. The bigger packages you can give better deals, it’s really all up to you. If you are promoting your SMS marketing business in a particular region where you know your customers will be sending their SMS messages to, then you’ll have a pretty good idea about what each SMS will cost and how much to mark up your packages.

All add-on and monthly subscription packages you create in the admin panel are then dynamically built and displayed on your plans and pricing pages. If you deactivate a package or remove it, it will no longer displayed on the pricing page. Any changes in price or plan name are dynamically reflected. It was built with you having full control of everything.

Can I translate the script into more languages besides English?

Yes, you can translate the front-end files yourself after purchasing as we give you access to all the front-end files so you can make whatever changes to them as you see fit, whether it be language or look and feel changes, etc..

Can I have a WordPress front-end or sales page?

Yes, in fact our site ultrasmsscript.com is WordPress and our demo, where the script is installed, is in a sub-folder. So you can have a WordPress sales site, and install the script in a sub-folder or sub-domain off that WordPress site, like we have done for the demo. Then from the WordPress site, just link to the register or login pages of the script so the users never see the front-end of the script.

What’s the difference between the pricing levels?

All levels are the same with regards to features, however each level comes with a different price on any future upgrades should you want them. So level 1 will have a future upgrade price of $187, level 2 a future upgrade price of $47, level 3 and level 4 FREE lifetime upgrades. Level 4 is the non-resale source code version should you want full control. See here for details on purchasing level 4.

Each level also has an accounts cap, meaning the number of active user accounts that can be created. Level 1 can create 10 user accounts. Level 2 can create 30 user accounts. Level 3 can create 100 user accounts. Level 4 can create unlimited user accounts.

You can upgrade at any time to a higher level and the price you paid for your current level will be deducted from your payment.

Can subscribers opt-out from the list?

Yes, of course. UltraSMSScript is a permission-based software platform only. If the subscriber no longer wishes to receive SMS, they can text in the word STOP to be removed from the list.

Do I need SSL installed on my domain?

If you plan to use the Stripe payment gateway, you need SSL installed on your server/domain. Stripe requires SSL be installed on your domain. Using Stripe, sensitive credit card information is sent directly to Stripe, and does NOT touch your server. However, in order to protect yourself from certain forms of man-in-the-middle attacks, Stripe requires serving the page containing the payment form over HTTPS as well.

Additionally, your customers will be more comfortable sharing sensitive information on pages visibly served over HTTPS, which can help increase your customer conversion rate.

If I upgrade to a higher level, will I only pay the difference?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time to a higher level and the price you paid for your current level will be deducted from your payment.

Is it just 1 master gateway account or 1 account for each customer?

You can do either or both. You can do just 1 master gateway account(owned by you) which is linked to the software, so all user accounts will use your gateway account and your clients won’t need to bother with signing up for their own gateway accounts. This is how most of our clients use the platform.

You also have the flexibility so that each user account can use their own SMS gateway account instead of yours(admin). Some people prefer to have each of their users use their own gateway account and then simply charge them a small monthly fee to use the platform. If you wanted to do this, you can create their user account from the admin panel, select the gateway they want to use, and enter in their API details and that’s it. If you don’t have their API details entered, it will just use the admin’s gateway account.

Customization (4)

What are your customization rates?

We charge $25/hr for customization work with Level 4 and $17/hr for our ULTRA package.

Will I receive 100% source code?

For the encoded version of the script, you will receive all the source code to allow you to change the front-end design elements if you wish to give it whatever look and feel you desire. However, most of the core back-end files will be encoded. We use ioncube to encode and license the files. Most hosting companies already have the ioncube loader installed and enabled since ioncube is the industry standard for protecting sensitive files. However, if the script doesn’t run because of this, simply contact your hosting company asking them to enable the ioncube loader for your hosting account.

For the Level 4 & ULTRA packages of the script, you will receive 100% of the source code. We have had many customer requests to offer this option recently because they didn’t want to pay us for the customization work, which sometimes was a heavy price depending on what they wanted to customize and simply wanted to use the product themselves and expand upon what we already had giving them full control. With the Level 4 & ULTRA, you must sign a non-resale agreement that states you will not resell the actual script. See here for details: How do I purchase Level 4 & ULTRA?.

Can I customize the script?


We are aware users prefer individuality and to make a website their own. Customers are permitted to customize the script as they see fit visually. If you purchase the encoded version of the script, any back-end core development you need done, we provide customization services. To find out more, please use the “Contact Us” link to the left.

If you purchase the 100% source code of the script, you can customize any aspect of the script as you wish. You will have all the source code of the script so you can expand upon it or customize it however you wish.

Can I add another SMS gateway besides Twilio, Bandwidth, SignalWire, Plivo, Nexmo, or Ytel?

Yes, you can add any SMS gateway you want as long as they provide an API. If you want to add that gateway yourself, and have the technical knowledge to do so, then you must purchase our Level 4 open source version as the script will require some customization.

If you want us to do that for you, we can do that as we provide customization services. See here for more info

Hosting (3)

Does my web host allow email piping, which is needed for the Email to SMS feature?

Most web hosts allow email piping to program since it is a very basic, but important feature. In fact, most help desk software out there relies on it since tickets automatically get created or updated in the system when someone simply emails the support email address. This is email piping and is common everywhere.

In our case, it’s needed for the Email to SMS feature since it takes the incoming email when someone replies to it and sends it as a SMS to the user who texted your number.

However, there are some web hosts that don’t allow it. Most controls panels offer a very easy way of doing it, which we outline in our installation instructions. All web hosts running cPanel allow it. If not, contact your host to help you setup email piping or to see if there is another way to get that setup.

What hosting companies do you recommend?

Knownhost – Flexibility and power of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost! Knownhost provides very good and inexpensive VPS hosting plans.

We are compensated for any hosting plans signed up through our links.

We don’t recommend 1and1 since UltraSMSScript has pages that begin with “/logs” to access all the logs and that is reserved in the 1and1 servers and therefore incompatible. They are the only host we are aware of that UltraSMSScript conflicts with.

What are the hosting requirements?

UltraSMSScript utilizes a very light framework (CakePHP), meaning it will run fine on a Linux shared hosting account. However, if you plan to use the script heavily and have thousands of subscribers and send thousands of SMS at a time then a VPS is highly recommended since you have more server power, more control over timeout properties and execution times without worrying about the restrictions placed on you with a shared hosting account.

LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) – Almost all hosting companies already have all this installed by default.
PHP 5.6 – PHP 7.x
Fileinfo Extension
cURL – Most have this installed by default.
JSON Enabled – Most have this installed by default.
GD with FreeType – Most have this installed by default.
Multibyte String Extension (mbstring) – Most have this installed by default.
PHP short_open_tag enabled
PHP allow_url_fopen enabled
htaccess and mod_rewrites enabled – Most Apache installations will have this enabled.
MySQL Version 5.6 or higher (MySQL Strict Mode disabled)
ionCube Loader Version 10.2+ – Only needed with levels 1-3. Most hosting companies already have this installed and enabled by default since ionCube is widely used in encoding/decoding PHP source code.
Control Panel – Some sort of control panel like cPanel/WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin, VirtualMin, etc…If you don’t have a control panel and we are performing the installation service, we require minimum FTP access and DB login URL/access with tool such as PHPMyAdmin.

Installation (2)

Can you install the script for me?


We offer a FREE installation service on all 1st time purchases and upgrades. Installation procedures are usually carried out within 24 – 48 hours of the purchase. However, this can be delayed a bit if the purchase falls on a weekend and how back-logged we are at the time. We require full cPanel access to install the script, since we also have to install the database and the required cron jobs.

If you are an existing Level 1 or 2 client and changing web hosts or moving servers and want us to install this again, we charge for this. You can purchase our installation service here:
Add to Cart

How long does it take to get it installed after purchase?

Our installation procedure usually takes place within 24 – 48 hours after purchase, largely depending on factors such as time zones, if the purchase falls on a weekend, and how back-logged we are at the time.

Numbers (6)

How does a new user obtain a number to market with?

When a new user registers an account in the platform, or you add one through the admin panel, they will then see a “Get Number” link on the left sidebar menu and from the dashboard. From here is where they can search on and select a number to assign to their user account. Each new user that registers will get their own unique long code(s)/toll-free number(s). These phone numbers come directly from the SMS providers the platform is linked to. We are connected to the providers via their APIs, so when you search on a number, those numbers are coming from them through the API connection we are making.

You also have the ability to add additional numbers to a user account. This is very useful if you have a large number of opt-in contacts, you can spread your workload across multiple numbers now instead of just 1 number.

See here for more info: Local Numbers

Can I use my existing numbers I already own through my gateway account?

Yes, you can add your pre-existing numbers through the admin panel to any user account to be used in the platform.

What is the difference between long codes and toll-free numbers?

Long codes are your standard 10 digit numbers and toll-free numbers are the typical numbers with area codes 800,844,866,888, etc…Long codes are best used with 2-way communication when the SMS conversation is taking place both ways, think of customer support type of interaction and when sending to small groups. Toll-free numbers can also be used for 2-way communication, but are also intended for A2P traffic and great for business uses like marketing and notifications. They also allow a higher sending rate per number. When sending to larger lists, it’s always recommended to use toll-free numbers

Can I use a short code in this script?

Yes, you can get your own short code to lease through one of the gateways we are built on. They are about $500-$1000/month through them and take about 8-12 weeks to get approved. However it is advisable that each user account in the platform has their own dedicated short code because each account is unique and identified by the number(s) assigned to their account. It’s how we know where to route any incoming SMS.

In addition to that, major mobile carriers, including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, are moving away from different brands/businesses using the same short code(shared short code). In 2021, shared short codes will no longer be supported by the carriers and all brands will be required to use their own dedicated phone number for SMS marketing, either their own dedicated short code or toll-free number(s).

Our platform mainly uses standard 10 digit long codes and toll-free numbers. See here for more info: https://www.ultrasmsscript.com/support/who-provides-the-sms-services/ and https://www.ultrasmsscript.com/support/what-is-the-difference-between-long-codes-and-toll-free-numbers/

What are the benefits of using long codes & toll-free numbers vs a short code?

These Virtual Mobile Numbers(long codes) and toll-free numbers completely bypass the headache of getting your own dedicated short code number. Long codes and toll-free numbers cut through the numerous restrictions associated with purchasing your own short code and very lengthy approval process. Setting up a long code/toll-free campaign is fast and easy. They can deliver SMS messages where short codes can’t. For example, international mobile numbers, VOIP phone and Google voice are all within your reach.

Second, with shared short codes, in most cases you can only use 1 keyword and if you want to use additional keywords, other SMS marketing services will charge you extra for those on a monthly basis. Also, if the keyword you want is already used by someone else, you have to use another keyword since you are sharing your number. For example, if you want to use the keyword “PIZZA” but it is already in use, then you might have to try “PIZZA1” or “PIZZA4U” or whatever else might be available.

With long codes and toll-free numbers, they’re only associated with you and your account, so you can use as many keywords as you want and whatever keywords you want. Using many different keywords is beneficial because this allows you to test the effectiveness of each keyword and what has the better response rate without paying the extra fees for each additional keyword.

Your customers can also save your number in their phone and immediately recognize the text came from you. With shared short codes, they could be receiving text messages from other businesses (your competitors) using the same number that you are using.

We also have a detailed blog post on 5 Reasons Why Long Code Numbers are Better for Notifications and Reminders.

Why do I need a Two-way SMS Phone Number?

There are a few very important reasons why you need a two-way SMS-enabled phone number for marketing reasons.

  • One of the ways customers join or opt-in to your list is by texting in a keyword to your number. This is how they can also opt-out of receiving future messages from you.
  • Gather feedback from your customers instantly through marketing campaigns, polls, contests, and promotions.
  • Allow customers to text in anything to your number and you can engage them in a 2-way chat.
  • Collect your subscribers’ names, emails and birthdays so you can personalize future text messages, add their email addresses to your email autoresponders, and send them your customized birthday SMS wishes.