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What are the hosting requirements?

UltraSMSScript utilizes a very light framework (CakePHP), meaning it will run fine on a Linux shared hosting account. However, if you plan to use the script heavily and have thousands of subscribers and send thousands of SMS at a time then a VPS is highly recommended since you have more server power, more control over timeout properties and execution times without worrying about the restrictions placed on you with a shared hosting account.

LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) – Almost all hosting companies already have all this installed by default.
PHP 5.6 – PHP 7.x
cURL – Most have this installed by default.
JSON Enabled – Most have this installed by default.
GD with FreeType – Most have this installed by default.
Multibyte String Extension (mbstring) – Most have this installed by default.
PHP short_open_tag enabled
PHP allow_url_fopen enabled
htaccess and mod_rewrites enabled – Most Apache installations will have this enabled.
MySQL Version 5.6 or higher (MySQL Strict Mode disabled)
ionCube Loader Version 10.2+ – Only needed with levels 1-3. Most hosting companies already have this installed and enabled by default since ionCube is widely used in encoding/decoding PHP source code.
cPanel/WHM – Not a must, but highly recommended for much easier setup and configuration. cPanel is also required for the Email to SMS feature. If you don’t have cPanel and we are performing the installation service, we require minimum FTP access and DB login URL/access with tool such as PHPMyAdmin.

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