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What are the hosting requirements?

UltraSMSScript utilizes a very light framework (CakePHP), meaning it will run fine on a Linux shared hosting account. However, if you plan to use the script heavily and send hundreds of bulk SMS at a time then a VPS is recommended since you have more server power, more control over timeout properties and execution times without worrying about the restrictions placed on you with a shared hosting account.

LAMP(Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP) – Almost all hosting companies already have all this installed by default.
PHP 5.3.x – 5.6.x
cURL – Most have this installed by default.
JSON Enabled – Most have this installed by default.
GD with FreeType – Most have this installed by default.
mbstring – Most have this installed by default.
PHP short_open_tag enabled
PHP allow_url_fopen enabled
htaccess and mod_rewrites enabled – Most Apache installations will have this enabled.
cPanel/WHM – Not a must, but highly recommended for much easier setup and configuration. cPanel is also required for the Email to SMS feature.
ionCube Loader – Most hosting companies already have this installed and enabled by default since ionCube is widely used in encoding/decoding PHP source code (only needed with levels 1-3)

Minimum recommended php.ini settings:

max_execution_time 120
max_input_time 120
memory_limit 128M

If you’re on a shared server, these are probably the max values they will allow to be updated, however these settings will suffice for a majority of users starting out.

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