July 11, 2020 -  Telnyx API Integration and More!  See Details Here 

Telnyx Integration

UPDATE – July 11, 2020


  • Telnyx API Integration – Probably the most requested SMS provider integration request we get is Telnyx. We have now integrated with Telnyx for those wanting to use them and their very competitive prices for sending SMS.
  • Plivo MMS – Plivo recently added the ability to send MMS on their numbers where before you could only send SMS messages when using them. We have now added the ability to send MMS through Plivo as well. However, if you are currently using Plivo as your SMS provider, you will need to get a new MMS-enabled number through the platform if you want to send MMS messages as any current numbers you have likely won’t have MMS capability.
  • Improved Import Process – You can now import many more fields when importing your list of contacts. Before you were only allowed to import name and number. Now you can also import fax #, email, birthday, city, state, zip, in addition to 3 custom fields that can be used for anything you want! These fields are also added to the add/edit contact screen.
  • Collect City, State, Zip on Web-Widget and Kiosk – You now also have the ability to collect city, state, and zip on the web sign-up widgets and kiosk screens. These fields are all optional so contacts will still be able to join your list even if they don’t want to enter in this information.
  • City, State, & Zip Filters when sending Bulk SMS – With now having the ability to collect and import the city, state, and zip fields, you can now optionally filter by this data when sending Bulk SMS! This will provide even sharper targeting of your list when sending Bulk SMS if you choose to. You can enter in a city, select a state/province, and/or enter in a zip code and it will send to those contacts that are in that group selected AND for the city/state/zip entered!
  • New Merge Tags on Bulk SMS and Autoresponders – You now have the ability to use additional merge tags when sending Bulk SMS and on any autoresponders you have setup. These are the available merge tags you can use: %%Name%%, %%Email%%, %%City%%, %%State%%, %%Postal%%, %%Custom1%%, %%Custom2%%, %%Custom3%%.
  • Option to Remove Numbers from User Accounts Only – Through the admin panel, if you wanted to release a number from a user account, it would also remove it from the SMS provider the platform was connected with as well so charges were no longer incurred for that number. However, some clients wanted to keep the number in their gateway account, but only remove it from the user account. So now we have added that ability. You will have 2 choices in the admin panel when removing numbers. You can either release them from both the user account and gateway account, or you can just remove them from the user account while keeping them in your gateway account.

The best way to experience the platform is to take it for a test drive.

USER PANEL Username & Password: demo

* Contact us for admin panel credentials