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Is it safe to rotate through numbers when sending messages?

This practice, known as “Snowshoeing” is defined as spreading similar or identical messages across many phone numbers with the intent or effect of evading unwanted messaging detection and prevention mechanisms. Carriers are beginning to crack down on this practice. It is not considered snowshoeing unless you are intentionally spreading the same or similar message across more numbers than you need to evade detection/filtering, or to dilute a numbers reputation, ie. to keep it from being marked as ‘spam’ by the carriers.

Our platform does have a number rotate/pooling feature, but with that feature is a Geomatch option. You could use Area Code Geomatch with multiple numbers to create localized experiences so that contacts are receiving messages only from a number of the same area code. This example would NOT be considered snowshoeing.

In our recent release on Nov 30, we have added a permission from the admin panel that will allow you to give access to your users the number pooling/rotate feature found inside the Bulk SMS module. You may choose to disable this feature unless there is a valid use case the client has for rotating numbers like Geomatch or if the client registers multiple local numbers to use for 10DLC.

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