Nov 24, 2023 -  We have integrated with Twilio’s toll-free number registration API! See Details Here 

PHP 8.x

UPDATE – April 25, 2023


  • PHP 8.x Compatibility – We have now made UltraSMSScript compatible with PHP versions 8.x. Some web hosts have begun to upgrade their servers to only using PHP 8.x, so this new release can now be installed on those servers.
  • Telnyx Toll-Free Registration API – We have now integrated with Telnyx’s toll-free number registration API so that your clients can easily and automatically submit their toll-free number for verification through their user panel dashboard! After it has been submitted, they can then track the status of that request. They can also make changes to the request if needed and requested by the carrier. After a user gets a toll-free number in the platform, they will be shown a message and provided a link that takes them to the registration form to fill out their details. There is nothing the admin needs to do here as all this is done automatically through the API. NOTE: Mobile carriers are now requiring that all new Toll-Free numbers provisioned must complete use case verification before sending traffic. This will ensure the highest possible delivery rates through the carriers. Approval time can vary greatly depending on the volume of requests the carriers are receiving, however toll-free numbers can still be used while it is waiting to be approved.
  • Keyword Trigger Notifications – You now have the ability to create keyword trigger notifications where if someone texts in that keyword, it will notify via phone, email, or webhook of the person that texted in that keyword. It can also optionally auto-reply to that person whatever response you have setup. Maybe you have contact info triggers so that when someone texts in the keyword, you can respond back with your business contact info and be notified each time this happens. Or maybe you send out a big campaign asking for those who are interested in your offering to follow-up by texting in YES, you can be notified via phone, email, or webhook each time this happens.
  • Updated QR Code Builder – New and much improved QR code builder, design, and layout with many more options to use when building your QR codes.
  • Credits Check for Pending Messages – We have added an additional credits check for any scheduled/pending jobs in the queue. We check the credits needed for those pending jobs to run and when scheduling any new campaigns, we check those pending jobs and also what is needed for the new campaign to run, and if the user account does not have enough credits to schedule the new campaign because of those pending jobs, we don’t allow it and display a message.
  • Importing/Updating Contacts to Unsubscribed – With a previous release, we gave you the ability to update your existing contacts to unsubscribed via the import process. However, you had to multi-select all the groups they belonged to so that it marked them unsubscribed across all those groups. Now, we automatically mark them unsubscribed across all groups they belong to so you don’t have to multi-select all groups.
  • Can NOT Delete Unsubscribed Contacts – You can no longer delete unsubscribed contacts from your contact list. When someone texts STOP and unsubscribes, you will no longer see the delete button next to those contacts. This is to prevent people from deleting these contacts from the system and then adding/re-importing them back in.
  • Add Consent Checkbox to Web Sign-up Widget – We have now added a consent checkbox to the web widget sign-up form that reads “I agree to be contacted via SMS messages from [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]”. This checkbox must be checked before they click the submit button and aligns with current industry best practices and is required by the carriers.

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