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Can I send MMS?

Yes, however MMS is only available when sending to US and Canadian numbers. If using Ytel, MMS is only available for US numbers. With Ytel, you must get these numbers approved and manually added to your Ytel account first, after which you can add them to the script inside the admin panel.

Please be aware as well that the mobile carriers are much more restrictive in letting someone send many MMS messages from 1 long code number in rapid succession since there is much more bandwidth to factor in when sending actual images versus just sending regular text. It is much more imperative to assign multiple numbers to a user account and then rotate through those numbers(using our rotate feature) when sending bulk MMS. It’s best to distribute the load of your MMS traffic, so that MMS messages are sent from as many different outgoing phone numbers as possible to share the workload.

In many cases, clients will use the platform to send new subscribers a MMS auto-reply after they join the list by texting in a keyword, and then send these subscribers regular SMS messages going forward. For example, we have realtors using MMS, but they are using the MMS feature when people text in a keyword to find out more about a property and the MMS images are returned in the auto-reply. They then use normal SMS when notifying their list about updates to the properties, etc…

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