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Subscriber List Growth Ideas

Ideas to Grow Your Subscriber List

One of the paramount goals of SMS marketing is to grow marketing list. Obviously, having a large list is going to be more advantageous, generate more interest and a better response from outbound campaigns. Although, a list is a very important part of marketing, many marketers do not take list building seriously because they regard it as an arduous task. However, list building requires a level of commitment and dedication in order to be successful.

There are myriads of ways one can grow an SMS marketing list. It is required that a business be creative and find effective ways through which one can reach out to potential business leads. We have made an analysis of some highly effective methods that can be applied in building and growing a marketing list. You can further apply your creativity in evolving these methods to suit your business.

Table/Counter Tents

Table tents are an effective avenue whereby you can grow your list. The last time you sat in a restaurant or checked out at a store, you must have seen a table tent. These are small prism shaped cards that look like tents. They are usually displayed on empty tables in restaurant, checkout counters and retail displays. It contains content that gives the prospect a synopsis of your business. These cards do garner a lot of attention and is definitely an effective way for you to promote your program.

Digital Banners

In the present generation, your business may likely have some sort of indoor digital display. The most common of these are LED TVs displayed that are mounted on walls. This is an awesome avenue to display your SMS marketing program because the screen readily catches the attention of customers. Do you own a bar with multiple TVs?  Then this method will fit in perfectly. When properly implemented, every customer would have been aware of the text program at the close of the event.

Checkout Flyers

If you are managing a retail outfit, we recommend that you display signup fliers at the checkout point. Make resplendent designs and print fliers that explain your SMS marketing program and place them close to the cash register. If you are offering a kind of rebate to those who join the list, promoting the program at the point of checkout will be a smart idea and can really encourage the prospect to sign-up.

Bag Stuffers

In this method, a small flier is created and dropped in every shopping bag of prospects that have bought items in your store. This is mostly applicable in retail stores. It becomes more effective when the flier is minified and stapled in front of receipts, in areas where the prospect can’t miss or ignore.


The fact that most customers usually use the rest room often in restaurants, bars and nightclubs is common knowledge. This creates a big avenue to increase the awareness of your text marketing program. Place some fliers in places with high traffic and you are good to go. Some of the high traffic areas are walls of urinals, beside hand washing basins, and backs of stall doors.

Social Media

There are many ways through which you can use the power of social media to grow your text marketing list. On the social media platforms, you can immediately raise awareness for your program and drive leads to your opt-in page. Include the signup information on your Facebook cover picture and create a Facebook page that has an opt-in form embedded in html. Write posts about your program on blogs and make tweets about it.

You may also make visually appealing graphics that you can post on Instagram or Pinterest. Social media provides myriads of ways to communicate with your potential subscribers. What is achievable on social media is only limited to your imagination. Most of our clients have had successful campaigns when they promoted their SMS marketing program on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Email Marketing

If you have a monthly or weekly newsletter that you send to your customers, then you already have a good avenue to include your text program in every email campaign. For your email subscribers, this provides a direct motivation required to join your list. Your subscribers already trust you by opting in to your email list. You already have a pre-existing relationship with them so they will be more inclined to join your SMS list as well if they are made aware of it.


If you own a website, you should publish your SMS program there also. Create a banner that is a reflection of your SMS marketing program. Also, if you operate an ecommerce website, you can include the option to optin in your registration page.  We recommend that all businesses have a page on their website dedicated to their SMS marketing program. A squeeze page is also a great way to get signups because it provides detailed information and can be designed using eye-caching graphics that grab attention of visitors.

TV/Radio Ads

If you are currently promoting your business on TV or radio, get the most out of your advertisement by including your SMS marketing program. Make the instruction short and precise. In the ad, make sure you give the details about the benefits to be derived from joining and instructions on how to join.

1 On 1 Communication

1 on 1 communication is one of the most effective avenues where you can grow your SMS marketing list. Verbally engaging your prospects is found to yield great results and leads to a higher opt-in rate. Because the program is discussed to the prospect face to face, the whole idea of the business concept is explained on the spot so that the prospect makes an immediate decision to either opt in or not. Whether the business is a restaurant, grocery store, coffee or ice cream shop, or salon, one of the most effective ways to grow your text message marketing list is through 1 on 1 communication.