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Link Shortener

UPDATE – May 4, 2022


  • Your Own Domain Link Shortener – You now have the ability to shorten links in the platform using your own domain name that you register for this purpose. For example, you can register a domain name like and when shortening links, it will create a link with that domain name…like, which would then redirect to the long URL you have shortened. Most carriers no longer allow commercial link shorteners like,,,, etc…and will just block the messages that contain them. Using your own domain for this purpose will allow you to bypass spam filters allowing messages to be sent with short URLs!
    You will also be able to track clicks on each short link you create! These stats will be available in 2 places. First, you can see the clicks for each link in the short links module where you have all your short links created. Second, you can see the number of clicks for a link you sent against a specific campaign in the logs module, inside the sent statistics page. Clicks are tracked per unique IP address. If a person clicks the short link multiple times from the same IP address, only the 1st click is tracked. The best way to track the effectiveness of a campaign is to track how many unique clicks happened from your list. If you sent to 100 people, and you received 50 clicks, you can be sure that 50 people clicked your link.
    NOTE: Since this is a premium feature, it is only available with our Levels 3, 4, and ULTRA packages.
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID Approval Process – For countries that allow alphanumeric sender IDs to be used, we now have an alphanumeric sender ID approval process. The user can add the sender ID they want to use and it will notify the admin. The admin can then view that sender ID in the admin panel and approve it once they get the pre-registration requirements done through whatever SMS gateway provider they have an account with. Some countries require pre-registration and some do not. Once the sender ID is approved, the user will be able to select it from the drop down on the bulk SMS module. US and Canada do NOT allow alphanumeric sender IDs to be used, so you will not see this feature from the user panel if sending messages to US or Canadian numbers.
  • Country Permissions – We have now added the ability for the admin to block people from certain countries from creating user accounts in the platform. By default, it will allow people from the US and Canada to create user accounts. If you wanted to allow more countries, you can go into the admin panel country permissions tab and check those boxes. This can be very useful to prevent spam accounts from being created by spam bots which is usually done from other foreign countries.
  • Appointment Search – In the appointments module, under appointment list, we have added a search feature allowing you to search on appointments by contact name, phone number, email, appt status, and appt date.
  • Appointment Description – We have added a new appointment description field when adding a new appointment allowing you to state a reason for the appointment or add in any notes about the appointment.
  • Add Company Name to Appointment Messages – We have added the company name that is associated to the user account on the appointment reminder message and the optional notification message the customer receives after the appointment is created.
  • Change Credit Card Details – For your customers who signed up to a plan using Stripe, we have now added the ability for them to change their own credit card details through the user panel dashboard. If they needed to change cards or update the expiration date on their card, they can now do that themselves without intervention from you, the admin.
  • Send Receipt Email to Customers via Stripe. – When customers purchase a 1-time/add-on credit package via Stripe, it will now send them a receipt to the email address registered on their account.
  • Allow Local Numbers Flag Override – In the Nov 2021 release, we added a new flag(in addition to the Allow Toll-Free Numbers flag) in the admin panel config that gives you the flexibility to allow or not allow local numbers to be searched on and obtained when getting a number through the user panel. With the new 10DLC requirements in the U.S., you may want to restrict your users from being able to get local numbers. However, that was a global flag and affected ALL user accounts. You can now override that flag on a user account level, so you may have specific user accounts that want to get a local 10DLC to use, while others that do not, you now have the flexibility to control that on a user account basis.
  • Sort by Name/Number on SMS Chat – We have added a button on the SMS chat window that will allow you to sort by contact name and number in ASC/DESC order when clicked on at the top from your available list of contacts.
  • Show Login Page as Home Page – We have added a new flag to the admin panel config that when turned on, will show the login page as the home page of the platform instead of the front-end sales page. There are some users who have their own sales pages built and just want to show the login page when accessing the script.
  • Change Passwords in Admin Panel – We have now added a feature in the admin panel users module where the admin can change the password for any user account. Under the Actions column, there is a new button called “Change Password” giving the admin control to change passwords if they receive requests from any of their users.
  • Performance Improvements in Status Callback Code – We have made changes to the code and database improving the performance in the status callbacks when the SMS gateway providers send over the status update changes for each SMS that was sent to your list. This can have a dramatic affect on server performance such as CPU usage and memory especially for large lists.

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