Nov 24, 2023 -  We have integrated with Twilio’s toll-free number registration API! See Details Here 

P2P Texting

UPDATE – Oct 16, 2023

  • P2P Texting– We have now added P2P(Peer to Peer) texting which has been requested by many of our clients, especially ones in the political space! With this feature, you can send 2-way texts at scale which works great for political campaigns, fundraising events, and non-profits. P2P texting works by allowing an individual the ability to quickly send individual texts to large groups of recipients. This also avoids TCPA’s restrictions on using an ATDS(autodialer). A volunteer or agent can sit behind a computer, draft a template and select the group of contacts they wish to text. From there, they can go through their list and with the press of a button quickly send a text to each subscriber in the group.
    Access this new feature by navigating to your groups inside the groups module and then selecting the P2P Messaging button.
    After sending each message, it will automatically select the next phone number in the list and display how many messages have been sent out of the total number of recipients in the group, all without refreshing the web page! You can send SMS or MMS and optionally choose to send each message by clicking the enter button.
  • DLR Webhook – We have now added the ability to add a DLR(Delivery Report) webhook URL notification for those people that want to be notified of all DLRs from a SMS campaign on their own systems. This can be achieved by simply adding whatever URL you want to be notified at in the settings page inside the user panel.
  • Last SMS Blast Datetime – In the admin panel users module, we have added a column that shows the most recent datetime for that user account in which they kicked off a bulk SMS campaign.
  • Nightly Job Updating Bulk SMS Stats – We have now added a nightly job that updates the success and failed counts of the previous days bulk SMS jobs. While these stats are updated on the fly as soon as we receive the DLR from the SMS gateway provider, pulling a final report from the logs on each days bulk SMS jobs is the most accurate way to obtain all the successful and failed counts for each campaign.
  • Remove Fax Functionality for Twilio – Twilio has removed faxing on their platform, so we have now removed all the faxing features in UltraSMS if you are using Twilio as your SMS gateway provider.
  • Fixed Issue in the URL Link Shortener – We have fixed an issue when using the YOURLS URL link shortener with PHP 8.
  • Fixed Issue in SMS Calendar – We have fixed an issue in the SMS calendar’s week and day views where it wasn’t showing the correct background color for all messages that were sent.

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