Nov 24, 2023 -  We have integrated with Twilio’s toll-free number registration API! See Details Here

UPDATE – June 27, 2023

  • Payment Gateway Integration– We have now integrated with as an additional payment gateway, to go along with PayPal and Stripe. This has been much requested and we have finally implemented this feature.
  • 10DLC Brand Registration and Vetting Charge – We have updated the existing optional account activation registration charge with the new 10DLC brand registration and vetting charge. As many of you from the US and Canada know, carriers in the US and Canada are now requiring all standard local 10 digit long codes(10DLC) go through a brand registration and vetting process in order to use these numbers. This will ensure the cheapest prices, better delivery quality, low filtering risk and faster throughput. They typically charge a one time non-refundable fee of $4 for brand registration and $40 for vetting the brand for a total of $44. However, you can set whatever amount in the admin panel config to cover that charge and more if you wish to mark it up.
    1. When the user searches for a number to get inside their user panel, they will be shown a message.
    2. After a user gets a 10DLC number from the number search above, they will be directed to a registration form to fill out their brand and campaign details.
    3. After the 10DLC brand registration form is completed, they will be directed to a page to make this payment in the amount of whatever you have set in the 10DLC Brand Registration and Vetting Charge field.
    Once that registration form is completed, the admin will get an email to the support email address you have setup in the admin panel with those details they have entered in the form, and can also see those details your client submitted in the admin panel under the users module. You would then just take that info and submit it inside your SMS gateway account(Telnyx, Twilio, Plivo, etc…) for your client. They would charge your SMS gateway account for this and deduct it from your balance you have with Telnyx, Twilio, etc…
    NOTE: As an alternative to A2P 10DLC, you may also consider only using and offering Toll-Free phone numbers and complete Toll Free Verification. Many people find this easier and cheaper than 10DLC since there are costs associated with the 10DLC registration process. If you don’t want to offer local 10DLC numbers at all, you can turn that field OFF in the admin panel config in this setting –

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