Nov 24, 2023 -  We have integrated with Twilio’s toll-free number registration API! See Details Here 


UPDATE – Nov 29, 2022


  • Reseller User Accounts – We have now added reseller functionality so you can have user accounts signup and add their own client user accounts! These user accounts can create their own credit packages to sell to their clients. You as the admin will be able to create reseller client packages to sell to users who wish to have reseller capability and you can sell these packages based on how many client accounts your users want to resell. Once they purchase a reseller package from you, they will see the client accounts and client package modules accessed through the top right menu of their user panel. These user accounts will be able to add their own PayPal and Stripe payment details inside the user panel, under the “Account” page. They will also be able to add their own SMS gateway(Twilio, Telnyx, Plivo, etc…) API credentials in the “Account” page as well. User accounts who signup their own clients need to use their own SMS gateway account.
    Reseller capability is a premium feature which allows for an additional revenue stream and will only be available with our top-level package, ULTRA.
  • A/B Split Testing – You can now add multiple outbound test messages for A/B split testing to determine which message converts best in terms of response rate or clicks if you have a shortened link in it! With each message, you can enter how many test messages are sent and whether that message is SMS or MMS type. When it is done sending the total test messages for each split test message, it will then finish sending with the default message. You also have the option to stop the A/B split test.
    If turned on, it will stop the A/B split test when all the messages for each A/B split test message has been sent out. This will allow you to evaluate which message had the best response rate. You can then go into the batch queue to view the paused campaign, edit the default message with the split test message that had the best response rate, and resume sending from the batch queue! This is an incredibly powerful feature. If turned off, it will send all the messages for each A/B spit test message and then once those are sent, it will continue sending the default message to the rest of the list.
    Click the “Add A/B Split Test Message” button however many times for the number of different messages you want to send. In this example, it was clicked 2 times to send 2 different outbound messages with the first A/B split test message being sent 100 times and the second A/B split test message being sent 200 times. You will be able to see the click statistics of each A/B split test message if you include a different shortened link in each test message. It will track these clicks if using custom shortened links in the platform. Read more about shortened links here. We also have clients who use their own links in the messages and can track clicks and performance metrics using their own tracking software.
  • Setup Away Message Responses – You now have the ability to setup a custom auto-response when anyone(both existing contacts and non-contacts) send in an incoming non-keyword SMS. You can have this auto-response trigger at any time 24/7 or you can set it so that it triggers only OUTSIDE of your office hours, which you can also set!
  • Post Incoming SMS to Webhook URL – In the user panel settings page, you can now set any URL of your choice to send all incoming SMS data. This could be a Zapier webhook URL that you get from your Zapier account, so that any incoming SMS will be sent to and posted to this webhook URL, which you can then act on this trigger data in your Zapier zaps.
  • Blacklist Words – You can now add words in the admin panel, blacklist words config section that you want to blacklist in the platform. If a user tries to send or schedule a message that contains any of these blacklisted words you have added, it will show a message and will prevent them from sending that message.
  • Integrate Google ReCaptcha on Sign-up Form – We have now integrated Google ReCaptcha on the new user registration form to combat spam bots from signing up. You will need to create your own Google ReCaptcha account to obtain your Site and Secret Keys needed for this. You will then paste these keys in the admin panel config and turn this feature on so that the Google ReCaptcha displays on the sign-up form.
  • Prevent Special Characters on New User Account Form – We now prevent most special characters being entered in any of the fields, except password of course, on the user account registration form. This is just an extra safety measure to protect against spam bots.
  • Fix Credit Display Issue on SMS Chat When Image is Attached – Currently on the SMS chat page, it shows the number of credits that will be deducted for the message being sent. When an image was attached, it wasn’t reflecting the number of credits you have configured in the admin panel config for MMS messages. This has now been fixed so that it will accurately reflect the number of credits based on what you have set in the admin panel for MMS messages.
  • Configure Kiosk Without Assigning to Loyalty Program – You can now create and use a kiosk without the requirement of associating it to a loyalty program. You may have some users who just wish to use the kiosk to collect numbers and new opt-ins and don’t want to use it for any loyalty program.
  • Kiosk Subscription Success Message Sent to Phone – Currently when a new subscriber joins via kiosk, it would show the auto-reply message from that group they were joining directly on the kiosk display. Now we send the auto-reply message directly to the subscribers phone just as if they were joining via web widget or texting in the keyword as this is much more useful getting the message sent to their phone rather than showing the message on the kiosk. This allows the conversation history to be saved so they know where any future messages being sent is coming from.
  • Create Monthly BYOG(Bring Your Own Gateway) Packages – You now have the ability to create BYOG(Bring Your Own Gateway) monthly packages for users who wish to use their own SMS gateway account, and just need a SMS platform like UltraSMS to use it. With this type of package, you can simply charge a monthly rate to use the platform. Credits will NOT be shown on their account in the header nor the dashboard when they log into the user panel since they are using their own gateway account and are being charged for SMS directly through them. However, by default users assigned to these packages are given 1 billion credits every month, so the user account will never run out. But again, the user account will not see the credits. For users who purchase these packages or are manually assigned to them, they will be able to add/edit their own SMS gateway API details when they log into the user panel and these details will be located in the top right menu under the “Account” link.
  • Fix Issue on Plivo Application Naming Standards – Plivo changed the naming standards when creating applications to only allow allowing letters, numbers, dashes(-), commas(,), and underscores(_). Plivo applications are created when getting numbers and have defined the incoming SMS webhook URLs needed for incoming SMS. We now have adjusted the code to only use these characters. This is more behind the scenes stuff, and not something that is seen from the front-end.

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