Nov 24, 2023 -  We have integrated with Twilio’s toll-free number registration API! See Details Here 

New Customization Rate

Due to increasing development costs, our new customization rate will be $30/hr for our Level 4 package. It has been years since we have increased prices on our Level 4 customization rate and I never like doing so, but to keep up with costs, it’s necessary sometimes. While our development costs are increasing, we don’t intend to increase prices for the packages listed on our site.

Our Level 4 customization rate will be $30/hr and our ULTRA customization rate is $20/hr. If you have larger customization projects in mind and/or intend to have ongoing custom work done, it may be worth considering the ULTRA package in that case. We very much appreciate all the support through the years as we continue to grow UltraSMS into one of the best overall SMS marketing and notification software platforms.

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