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What’s the difference between the pricing levels?

All levels are the same with regards to features, however each level comes with a different price on any future upgrades should you want them. So level 1 will have a future upgrade price of $187, level 2 a future upgrade price of $47, level 3 and level 4 FREE lifetime upgrades. Level 4 is the non-resale source code version should you want full control. See here for details on purchasing level 4.

Each level also has an accounts cap, meaning the number of active user accounts that can be created. Level 1 can create 10 user accounts. Level 2 can create 30 user accounts. Level 3 can create 100 user accounts. Level 4 can create unlimited user accounts.

You can upgrade at any time to a higher level and the price you paid for your current level will be deducted from your payment.

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