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A Few Industries That Are Most Suitable for SMS Marketing

A Few Industries That Are Most Suitable for SMS Marketing

Some Industries That Are Most Suitable for SMS Marketing

If you created a full list of every form of marketing, there would be few that stood out as diverse, flexible, and effective as SMS marketing. The benefits of an SMS marketing campaign are capable of not only keeping up with the demands of a vast range of industries but enhancing what they are able to offer their unique target audiences.

Whether you’re new to SMS marketing and curious as to whether it’s the right move for your business; or searching for the best ways to diversify your marketing experience, one of the best ways to get an idea of its potential, is to take a look at how it’s put to use.

Here are six industries that are incredibly well-suited to SMS marketing campaigns:

Local Nightclubs

Nightclubs and bars generally try to attract a local customer base, unless they are in key tourist destinations where the reach needs to be much bigger to attract passing trade. As a thriving industry, competition is extreme amongst nightclubs and bars, with many trying to compete to offer the best deals and experiences.

SMS marketing hits the nail on the head with marketing for nightclubs and bars, both in terms of primary demographic and for ease of reach. Most cell phone owners are between the ages of 18 and 29, with that age bracket also having the largest number of smartphones. This falls closely in line with the main demographic of nightclubs and bars.


  • News about exciting events such as themed nights or special appearances.
  • Coupons for reduced price entry, free drinks, or discounts on food and drinks.
  • Group discounts that promote a greater brand appeal.
  • Polls to collect information on what customers want: be it favourite music, themes, or possible future events.

Local Services

Just like with nightclubs and bars, other local services can also benefit from being able to target a nearby audience through text message marketing. This could be local hairdressers, shops, or car dealerships; effectively any brick and mortar service that needs to reach out to a local audience.

This instant access and ability to create personal messages can really appeal to a local audience that needs services on a semi-frequent basis.


  • Coupons for reduced price services or special offers.
  • News about business changes, new rates, or new services.
  • Automated appointment reminders.
  • Update for unscheduled but routine appointments, like vehicle service checks.

Retail Stores

Every form of high street or online retail store can benefit from the diverse uses of text marketing. With so much competition out there amongst retailers, getting your brand seen, along with your latest deals, is essential to generate ongoing interest.

SMS marketing provides a quick and easy way to catch up with customers that are busy, whether they are local or online.


  • Limited time promotional deals with only hours or days to act.
  • Coupons and codes for discounts instore or online.
  • Alerts about the latest items in stock.
  • Multi-buy deals and codes.
  • New updates on the latest trends.

Restaurants and Carry-out

One of the best industries to take advantage of SMS marketing is the restaurant and carry-out industry. Around 20% of Americans use a quick service restaurant at least once every week, which is a huge demographic.

With a massive target audience, local restaurants and carry-outs, as well as branded corporations, can take full advantage of its extensive reach. Often, all it takes is a reminder that a meal or carry-out is an option, for people to completely change their breakfast, lunch, or dinner, plans.


  • Reminders for table bookings and order collection/delivery times.
  • Advising special theme nights or new menu items.
  • Promotions and coupons for reduced price meals.
  • Lowered price deals for group bookings.
  • Information about daily specials.

Event Organizers

Running an event organization business takes a lot of planning and preparation, with everything often needing to come together at the last minute. Text messaging makes getting essential information out there for everyone to hear a lot simpler.

Though SMS marketing, you can also work to expand your customer base, remind people of past event success, and help to encourage further interest – always keeping your brand visible.


  • Group messages about schedule changes.
  • Updated information about upcoming events.
  • Promotions for discounted events and services.
  • News about the latest event themes that are trending.
  • Information about new services available through your business.

Travel Businesses

Travel businesses normally have to account for a vast number of variables all at once, and then keep everyone informed of the updates. Text marketing provides a simple way of staying on top of it all and making sure that customers always get the information that they need.

For major deals and events, SMS marketing also provides a way to stay competitive and get your message across quickly and directly. If there’s an important event coming up, with text marketing, you can make sure that everyone knows about it.


  • Latest deals for upcoming package holidays.
  • Updates on any unexpected problems.
  • Reminders for flight times and bookings.
  • Helpful tips and advice, such as currency exchange rates, current events in their holiday destination, or essential packing tips.
  • Coupons for discounts on activities during their holiday.

SMS marketing has been an excellent choice for many major businesses from around the world. As you can see by the diverse nature of industries using this form of marketing, it’s a strategy that is right at home in almost every type of situation.

If you’re considering enhancing your business marketing strategy, then SMS marketing could be your best bet for a flexible approach to getting your brand out there.

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