Oct 7, 2019 -  Ytel SMS/Voice API Integration and More!  See Details Here 

Ytel Integration

UPDATE – October 7, 2019


  • Ytel Integration – We have now integrated Ytel into UltraSMSScript for US clients! This gives you another option when choosing your SMS and voice API provider and for anyone that wants to use Ytel, but does not have the tool/interface to do so.
  • NOTE: Please use this link when signing up with Ytel: >> Ytel Signup <<
  • Ringless Voicemail – You now have the ability to send Ringless voicemail when using the Ytel SMS gateway! You will see this feature inside the voice broadcast module when creating a voice broadcast with a MP3 audio file. Keep in mind that Ringless voicemail is still an evolving technology and is not perfect. Common reasons for RVM failures are customer’s handset voicemail is not working or setup, customer’s mailbox is full, or carrier did not accept and blocks the drop, but credits will only be deducted from user accounts on successful RVM drops.
  • Enhanced Polls – You now have the ability to create anywhere between 2 – 6 possible poll options for customers to respond. Currently, you are restricted to 4 possible options and are required to enter all 4 options, even though you may only want to create a poll with only 2 options such as “Yes” and “No” type of polls. Now you have the flexibility to create polls with 2 – 6 possible answers. In addition to that, we have added a detailed list of all customers answers to the poll report. Currently, you can only see a graph of a total count for each possible answer, but now you can see exactly who voted for what and send them a quick message directly from the polling report.

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