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Stripe Integration

UPDATE – Sept 27, 2016

  • Stripe Payment Gateway Integration – It’s been a long time coming, and requested by many people, and now we have finally integrated the Stripe payment gateway into the platform! With Stripe, your clients never leave your site to make payment, providing a beautiful, optimized, cross-device payment form which results in a much more seamless payment experience. For this reason, Stripe is replacing 2Checkout in the platform as the optimal credit card payment solution.
    Stripe requires SSL be installed on your domain. Using Stripe, sensitive credit card information is sent directly to Stripe, and does NOT touch your server. However, in order to protect yourself from certain forms of man-in-the-middle attacks, you must serve the page containing the payment form over HTTPS as well.

    Additionally, your customers are more comfortable sharing sensitive information on pages visibly served over HTTPS, which can help increase your customer conversion rate.

  • Improve PayPal Subscription/Recurring Payments – We have now improved the PayPal subscription/recurring payment functionality within the platform using the PayPal standard subscription method. We are no longer using the PayPal Express Checkout API for recurring payments and therefore your PayPal API credentials will no longer be needed. There were unnecessary payment confirmation steps for the user to follow in the payment process when using the express checkout API, so we’ve streamlined that process now. Also, users will now be taken to the PayPal standard subscription payment form instead of the express checkout page(which normally is used for 1-time transactions and not recurring/subscription payments). This eliminates that confusion some users have had and will improve the customer experience on the site and help with conversion rates.
    In addition, we now are checking for a PayPal payment status of “Pending” for both the add-on and monthly recurring credit packages. In these cases, the platform will automatically email the user of the PayPal payment status and the pending reason so they are fully aware why their account has not yet been updated with the credits. Some pending reasons would be for echecks(payment not yet cleared), delayed disbursement, international payments, payment reviews, etc…Once the payment status is marked “Completed” in PayPal, the users account in the platform automatically will be updated. No manual interaction is needed.
  • Option to Charge for Additional(Secondary) Numbers – You can now charge the user for any additional(secondary) numbers they want to assign to their account! This was another frequent requested feature. The first number(primary) is always free and included, however if you turn this setting “on” in the admin panel, when they attempt to get another number, they will be prompted they must purchase a monthly numbers package first and will include links to direct them there. These new numbers packages can be created in the admin panel with the rest of the credit packages.
    If turned “off”, it works exactly like it does currently. They will only be able to get their primary number with no option to purchase more. In this case, the admin can control how many numbers can be assigned to a user account. This will default to 1 and if someone needs to have, for example 5 numbers, then they can contact the admin and if admin approves they can easily go into the admin panel for this user and edit their profile to have 5 numbers. Once they reach this threshold, they will not be able to select and assign any additional numbers.
  • Added %%CURRENTDATE%% Token on Group Auto-Reply and Autoresponders – Some clients like to use coupon codes or free offers when new subscribers join the list and like to insert the current date into the auto-reply message to let the person know how long the offer is valid for. (ie… “Offer valid on 9/27/16 Only”).
  • Purchase Numbers From the Country Registered on Account – You now can only search on and assign numbers from the country that was selected when registering the account. For example, if a new user registered an account in the United States, then they will only be able to purchase numbers from the United States. Since the credit packages are associated with a country, it only makes sense that the user should only be allowed to get a number from that same country as well.
  • Grant/Revoke User Permissions – Another popular request we have received over the past year is the ability for the admin(from the admin panel) to grant or revoke permissions to certain features for each user. So you now have the ability to turn on/off specific features on a user level! If you don’t want User A to have access to polls and contests, simply uncheck these permissions for that user in the admin panel and they won’t be able to access those features any longer.
  • Updated the Default Web Opt-In Signup Widget – We have upgraded the web opt-in signup widget with a more updated fresh look. Before, the text inputs and join button were just your standard ugly HTML. Now, the form is more inline with the rest of the beautiful look of the user panel and provides a much more appealing form for your clients to opt-in to your list.
  • Capture IP Address on Account Registration – We now capture the IP address of each account that is registered. You can view that additional field in the admin panel, under the users section.

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