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Spintax Update

UPDATE – Sept 17, 2015

We’re very excited to announce 7 new upgrades added to the advanced UltraSMSScript!

  • Spintax – You can now spin your messages with the use of spintax to create multiple variations of your messages when sending. When you send your Bulk SMS, the system will automatically generate the different variations for each SMS. Mobile carriers are a little more cautious letting someone send thousands of identical SMS messages at 1 time for SPAM reasons. If a carrier detects the same message being sent to thousands of numbers in a very short span of time from the same outgoing number, they can potentially filter that message.
    The ability to automatically create different variations of message text, along with rotating through different numbers in your account provide an excellent safety measure against potential issues.
    Sample Spintax Format: {Hello|Howdy|Hola} to you, {Mr.|Mrs.|Ms.} {Smith|Williams|Davis}
    Sample Spintax Output: Howdy to you, Mrs. Davis!
    Sample Spintax Output: Hola to you, Mr. Smith!
    The “Variations” button will tell you how many different variations of the message your spintax will generate when sending.
    The “Spin {|}” button will let you see the output in the phone preview window each time the button is clicked. When you send your Bulk SMS, the system will automatically generate the different variations for each SMS.
  • Concatenated SMS messages – From the bulk SMS page, you now have the ability to send messages over 160 characters! You can send messages containing up to 1600 characters. Twilio/Nexmo will auto segment messages with more than 160 characters and the messages will be automatically reassembled on the destination handset.
    1 credit will be deducted for each 160 character segment since that is what Twilio/Nexmo will charge you for. Example: If you have a message that is 300 characters, and you are sending to 10 people, 20 credits will be deducted from the user account balance(2 credits for each person).

    You may also send messages over 160 characters to international phone numbers, but very likely they will appear as multiple messages on the destination handset. There are also some US carriers including Sprint that do not currently support concatenated messages.
  • Refresh Statistics(Twilio only) – There are times we never receive the status update after sending from Twilio, so to keep all stats current, we have added a “Refresh Statistics” button to the group sent statistics page. This button will get all current statuses from Twilio for each SMS ID associated to that group.
  • Voice Broadcast – We have added a few new options when sending a voice broadcast.
    1. Language – When sending a ‘Text-to-Voice’ message, you can now select from over 20 different dialects! The ‘language’ attribute allows you to specify a language and locale — with the affiliated accent and pronunciations.
    2. Repeat – This will tell the system to repeat your message a specific numbers of times. So if you select 2 from the drop down, the system will repeat the message twice.
    3. Pause – This will pause that many seconds before initially playing the message. So if you wanted the system to wait 3 seconds before playing the message, just select 3 from the drop down.
  • Copy Scheduled SMS – You now have the ability to easily create recurring weekly and monthly scheduled SMS straight from the scheduled SMS queue. The Copy WI(Weekly Increment) button will create an exact duplicate of that scheduled SMS, but with a send on date 1 week later. The Copy MI(Monthly Increment) button will create an exact duplicate of that scheduled SMS, but with a send on date 1 month later. This is very fast and easy way to create recurring scheduled SMS, rather than manually creating every scheduled SMS from the Bulk SMS page and having to enter all your details every single time. Of course, you can edit the details of each scheduled SMS as well.
  • View all contacts for each user in admin panel – Admin now has the ability to view all contacts for a given user straight from the admin panel. Very useful tool to monitor contacts for each user and how they are obtaining these subscribers. There will now also be an email alert that goes out to the admin after a user imports contacts, so the admin can confirm with user if indeed these contacts are 100% opt-in and migrated over from another SMS marketing provider. At this point, admin may want to ask user to provide documentation of previous marketing provider information.
  • Non-GSM/Unicode Character Checker – We have added a utility on the right menu that lets you check the contents of your SMS message for the existence of non-GSM/unicode characters. Some people like to copy and paste their message directly from applications like MS Word or Outlook, however when doing this, it can inadvertently insert non-GSM characters in the message field. Messages with one or more non-GSM characters are limited to 70 characters. Any SMS messages that include 1 or more non-GSM characters will be separated by Twilio/Nexmo into messages of 70 characters or less. For example: if you have a message with 100 characters and it has 1 unicode character, you will be charged 2 times since it has to split it 2 times into 70 character segments.

Take the new advanced UltraSMSScript for a test drive and see why it’s fast becoming one of the best and most cost-effective SMS marketing platforms on the market today!

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