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Online Fax

UPDATE – June 18, 2018


  • Programmable Fax Sending/Receiving – If using Twilio as the SMS gateway, you now have the ability to send and receive faxes between UltraSMSScript and a fax machine! Fax is still an essential tool for a variety of organizations – from hospitals to law offices, from doctor and dentists’ offices to pizza shops and the offices of the Federal Investigation Bureau. At this time, you can send a fax to 1 contact at a time from the contacts and appointment list page. Simply give that contact a fax number by clicking the “Edit” button from the contacts page and entering one. Once they have a fax number, you will see the Fax button. To send a fax, you will need a PDF file that will contain the pages you want to fax to that contact.
    To receive a fax, you will need to select which fax enabled number in your account you want to receive incoming faxes to. To do this, go into the “Account” page from the top right menu inside the user panel. Scroll down and you will see an “Incoming Fax Number” drop down. Select a number and click Update. This number will now be able to accept incoming faxes, however keep in mind it will not be able to accept incoming voice calls. You can view all incoming and outgoing faxes in the “Logs” module under “Fax Inbox” and “Fax Outbox”.
    NOTE: The numbers populated in the “Incoming Fax Number” drop down are fax-enabled numbers. If you are an existing client and already have numbers in your account, you will need to check your numbers’ capabilities inside your Twilio account by going here: https://www.twilio.com/console/phone-numbers/incoming and then manually update the “Fax” flag to 1 on the “Users” and “User_Numbers” table in your MySQL DB for any number that has fax capability. You will then see those numbers available to select from. All new numbers obtained going forward does this automatically.
    1 credit will be deducted for each page faxed(Sent and Received) + 1 credit per minute for fax duration.
    Example: If you are faxing 5 pages, and it takes 1 minute and 45 seconds, 7 credits will be deducted.
    Sending a fax with UltraSMSScript is as simple as sending a SMS with UltraSMSScript. With moving fax to an online software platform, it gives businesses a great deal more flexibility with moving away from old legacy hardware. You can now migrate the manual, offline process of faxing and turn faxing documents into a software experience.

  • Import Appointments – 1 big request we have received since we released the new appointment reminder/management system back in Nov 2017 was to also include a feature to import appointments from a CSV file. We have now done that! If you have appointments you want to bulk import from another system, simply upload them from a CSV file. The contact numbers you are importing must already exist in your contact list and if they don’t, you will be shown those numbers on a separate page to export if need be.
  • Require Monthly Plan to Get Numbers Setting – We now have a new setting in the admin panel config section that gives you the option to require a user to first purchase a monthly(recurring) credit package before they are able to get their 1st number. This will allow you to build in extra mark-up to your monthly credit packages to account for the monthly number cost.
  • Require Real Email Address On Sign-Up Setting – We also have a new setting in the admin panel config section that gives you the option to require a user to enter a real domain related email address on the sign-up form and not some free throwaway email address. This is a good way to combat against fraud. Many of our clients would get multiple low quality new user registrations a day from people using free email accounts. This will help drastically decrease the number of low quality registrations. We have close to 5000 free email account and known spam email account services we check against if setting this flag to “On”!
    NOTE: You can add to or remove email domains from this list by simply editing a file located at your install location “/app/webroot/emailcheck.php”.
  • Create Customized Plans for Specific Clients – We heard from a lot of people about having the ability to create customized credit packages for specific clients rather than showing all plans to all users. So now, when creating your credit packages from the admin panel, you have the option to associate a custom credit package to a specific user account. If a credit package is associated to a user account, they will only see those credit packages assigned to them when logging into their account. Leave blank if you want the package shown to all users.
  • Sticky Sender on 2-Way SMS Chat – We added sticky sender to the 2-Way SMS chat module, so if a sticky sender exists for a contact, it will use that same number when sending out your chat replies(instead of the number from the drop down) so they get those messages sent from the same local recognizable phone number to create a consistent experience, maintain conversation history, and establish a true local presence.
  • Disable All Permissions When User Closes Account – In the last release back in April, we added the ability for a user to easily close their own account from inside the “Account” page accessed from the top right menu drop down. If they close their account, it will automatically release all their numbers from use inside the platform and at the gateway(saving you time from doing this yourself) as well as immediately cancel any current credit card subscriptions they have. We now go 1 step further and also disable all user permissions of their account and any sub-accounts they have.
  • Display Contact Name on SMS Scheduled Calendar – We heard from a few of our clients about displaying the contact name instead of the phone number on the SMS scheduled calendar if a contact name exists since many people schedule by name. We now display the contact name is one exists and if one doesn’t, we display the phone number.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Going forward, for clients that use Nexmo or want to use Nexmo as the API, you will only be able to use Nexmo for SMS capability. They discontinued their call API and moved to a new voice API which offers no support or compatibility for apps using the call API. Since a great majority of our customer base is on Twilio and Plivo, we decided at this time to not integrate with Nexmo’s new voice API.

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