Oct 7, 2019 -  Ytel SMS/Voice API Integration and More!  See Details Here 


UPDATE – January 9, 2018


  • New API – One of the most requested features we get from clients to add is an API. We have now done that! Through our API you can access the most core features of the UltraSMSScript platform. Adding and retrieving contacts, sending/scheduling bulk SMS to groups, sending/scheduling SMS to a specific contact, message delivery reports, retrieving your SMS/Voice credit balance, and adding contact appointments are available at the moment. More will be added in the future, but these 8 were requested the most and are most useful when extending the functionality of your own platform. Integrating the UltraSMSScript API into your application will enable you to extend the functionality of the platform into your own app! Check out the UltraSMSScript API details here. Inside the user panel for each user account, detailed API documentation is also available.
  • The API is only accessible with our Levels 2, 3, and 4 packages. It is not available with Level 1.
  • Sticky Sender on Single SMS Dialog – Currently in the platform, if you send a SMS through the single SMS dialog available on the contacts page or in the logs, it sends only from the primary number assigned to the user account. Now, if there is a sticky sender associated to that contact, it will send from that number instead to maintain conversation history and create a consistent experience.
  • Code performance Improvements on Autoresponders – We made some code performance improvements on the scheduled/drip autoresponders module.
  • Export Group Sent Statistics – We have added the ability to export ALL bulk SMS statistics for a group inside the sent statistics page in the logs/groupsmsoutbox module. That link will be available in the “Actions” drop down.

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