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Mobile Responsive

UPDATE – Feb 2, 2016
  • Mobile Responsive – UltraSMSScript is now mobile responsive! This was, by far, the biggest request we have received over the past year and we finally rebuilt the entire user control panel with a beautiful and completely re-designed look and feel. We also made the home page of the script mobile responsive as well, so that it looks great when viewing on any mobile device, added new pricing tables and a new industries page since this was also a common request. After all, it does no good to sell a mobile marketing platform that isn’t mobile responsive, so we set out to achieve this.
    However, we wanted something that not only was mobile responsive, but looked stunning as well. I feel we definitely accomplished that! We completely rebuilt the dashboard giving you vital stats on subscribers, unsubscribers, subscribers by keyword, success ratings by week/month/overall and much more!
    We didn’t stop there. We realize that everyone has different tastes so we wanted to provide flexibility with giving you some options to choose from to change the layout and color scheme directly from the admin panel. We give you 2 different layouts and 5 different color options for each layout to choose for the theme. So you will have 10 different combinations to choose from for great flexibility! The layout and color will change the left and top menu layout, menu colors, icon colors as well the as the drop down background colors of the “new messages” drop downs on the top menu.
    I’m sure all of you will love the new look, features and functionality of the completely re-designed UltraSMSScript. It’s one of the best looking user panels out there, but of course I reserve the right to be biased.
  • Shared Short Code – This is for our USA clients only. We have integrated with Slooce Technology, who is a shared short code provider for our USA clients wanting to market with a short code instead of long codes! It is worth mentioning that it’s best to use Slooce for your own business or service and not as a SaaS, reselling SMS services. You certainly can, however each new user will be required to create their own Slooce account and purchase their own messaging packs from Slooce at wholesale costs. If you choose, you can then charge a flat rate to these users to use the platform, but it would work best for your own business or service you are marketing.
    With Slooce, all the features are available in the script, except the voice capabilities. All you need to do is create an account with them, and negotiate a monthly messaging pack. Slooce typically only offers larger messaging packs per month, so it’s advisable you contact them first to see what they have available and if it fits into your business objectives before purchasing our platform or changing SMS providers.
    Important: Mention to Behfar Razavi(CEO of SlooceTech) that you were directed to him by UltraSMSScript and I’m sure he will take care of you.
  • If you want to change the theme layout and colors to see each of them for yourself, you can do that from the admin panel simply by selecting the “Theme Color” drop down from the config section.
    I have also included some very nice marketing material to use such as flyers and brochures that can be used for those selling SMS services or for people marketing their own campaign. All these files are editable to plug-in your own information and will be included as part of the script’s files.

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