March 5, 2020 -  Mobile Coupons, Q&A SMS Bots and More!  See Details Here 

Mobile Coupons

UPDATE – March 5, 2020


  • Mobile Coupons – Probably the most requested feature we receive is to build a Mobile Coupons tool. We now have done it! You now can create beautiful Mobile Coupons to send to your customers. They are a great way to build a loyal customer base while also rewarding your current customers. There’s no better tool and nothing more important than keeping your customers happy while growing your list at the same time!
    Each coupon is completely customizable and includes many settings and features allowing you flexibility with how you want to set them up. Set the type of coupon expiration, whether you want it to expire on a hard coded date/time or if you want it to expire a certain number of days after it has been opened. Every coupon also provides statistics on redemptions, views, and like/dislike votes if you choose to include vote buttons on the coupon. >> Click here for more info on our new Mobile Coupons feature <<
    Unlike most other features we offer standard as part of UltraSMSScript across all levels, Mobile Coupons are only available with our Level 3 and greater packages.
  • Q&A SMS Bots – You now can create automated SMS questions and responses which are kicked off by texting in a keyword. You can create as many questions in a sequence as you want and once someone texts in the keyword associated to that Q&A SMS bot, they will get the 1st question in the sequence. After answering the 1st question, they will get the next question in the sequence and so on until the last question.
    These are great for customer support, quizzes, gathering valuable feedback, and growing your list. Each Q&A SMS Bot will be associated to a keyword and if the person texting in the keyword is NOT on your contact list for the group you select here, will be automatically added. Every answer choice for each question also has email and texting alerts that can be configured to email 1 or multiple email addresses and/or text 1 number or multiple numbers of that answer choice! Alert different people according to the answer choice texted in. >> Click here for more info on our new Q&A SMS Bot feature <<
    Unlike most other features we offer standard as part of UltraSMSScript across all levels, Q&A SMS bots are only available with our Level 2 and greater packages.
  • Voice Broadcast Scheduling – You now have the ability to schedule your voice broadcasts! Previously you could only send them now. To schedule them, open the same window to send your voice broadcasts and you will now see a checkbox with a date/time selector allowing you to schedule them. Once scheduled, you will see them on the scheduled calendar as well. You won’t be able to schedule them directly from the calendar like you can with SMS, but you can view them here.
  • MMS Credits Deducted – You now have the ability to set how many SMS credits are deducted from a user account when they send MMS. Previously it defaulted to 2 credits per MMS, but some users wanted the flexibility to change this to 3 or 4 credits per MMS.
  • Payment Widget on Dashboard – We have a new payment/upgrade plan widget on the dashboard at the top to make it much easier and more noticeable for your customers to pay for credit packages without having to scroll down inside the dashboard.

IMPORTANT: We added a new pricing level called ULTRA. This goes above and beyond what we offer in Level 4. Many people have asked us about paid support plans, paid training options, and deals on customization costs if they go with a higher level. With our new ULTRA package, all those are included and more! Head over to our pricing page to see the details!

We always want to keep our pricing model as a 1-time fee/no recurring payment model as most people prefer it this way, so we didn’t want to offer monthly paid support plans and we feel this was the best way to achieve that. In addition, with Levels 4 and ULTRA, we have added a new flexible payment option that allows for 6 Months Deferred Payments! See here for details on that.

Lastly, we also want to mention that we are adding a “Powered by UltraSMSScript” footer signature in Level 1 only. This will be seen in the footer of the home page of the platform and also in the footer inside the user panel. Again, this is for Level 1 only.

The best way to experience the platform is to take it for a test drive.

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