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UPDATE – May 10, 2017


  • Full Calendar/Scheduler – A requested feature we have received often was to add a full calendar to display all the scheduled events inside a monthly/weekly/daily calendar. Not only this, but to also add the capability to schedule SMS directly from the calendar by clicking a date. We have now done this! We have a full-featured calendar similar to Google calendar or Outlook where you can view all your scheduled SMS inside a nice calendar layout either in monthly/weekly/daily modes and also be able to schedule directly from the calendar.
  • Contact Activity Timeline – We added an incoming SMS contact activity timeline which is accessed from the contacts page and will show all the incoming SMS activity for a contact displayed in a nice vertical timeline. This basically shows how active a contact is and how often they are texting in. Could be voting in polls, punches on their loyalty card, when they subscribed, etc…Any incoming SMS.
    NOTE: For existing clients of ours who wish to upgrade, this timeline will only be populated for new incoming SMS from your contacts going forward. It will not populate all past incoming SMS.
  • Added Hours Option to Autoresponders – Currently in the autoresponders module, you can only set the # of days to send the responder message after the person subscribes to your contact list. Now you can also set the # of hours after the person subscribes which gives you greater flexibility! If you want to automatically send the new subscriber a message 3 hours after they subscribe, you can do that.
    NOTE: Hours is a range in that hour of time. So if you selected 3 hours, it will send the responder to anyone that subscribed greater than 2 hours up to 3 hours ago.
  • Select Specific Number to Send From – Another frequent request we have received is the ability to select which number to send from on the Bulk SMS page. We have now added that feature with this release! So if you have multiple numbers in your account, you can select which one to send from. Before you couldn’t select a number, it would always default to your primary number or 1st number you assigned to your account. This is also very useful is you want to send from specific numbers for certain groups.
  • Copy From Group Template – When adding a new group, you can now optionally select from one of your pre-existing groups from the “Copy From Group” dropdown. This will essentially allow you to use that group as a template and will populate all the fields on the form.
  • Plivo Error Codes – Recently Plivo added specific error codes if there are issues when sending SMS, which gives you better visibility into your SMS delivery. These error codes will bring better clarity by providing detailed SMS error codes to every outbound SMS text message that fails to be delivered. These detailed error codes(which you can now view in the outbound SMS logs inside UltraSMSScript) will help you to understand reasons for failure and troubleshoot issues right away with your outbound SMS deliverability.
  • Changed All Action Buttons to Icon Buttons – On all the index pages, under the “Actions” column, we have changed all the bigger outline text buttons to icon buttons. This saves space, but also looks much better in our opinion.
  • Filter Out Duplicate PayPal IPNs – On occasion, PayPal will send duplicate IPNs for the same transaction after a completed payment for the activation fee and 1-time credit packages. It’s one of the idiosyncrasies of PayPal and how IPNs work. So now, we simply filter out any duplicate IPNs we receive.
  • Added Admin Panel Stats – We have added some very useful admin stats inside the admin panel. These stats tell you the number of active client accounts signed up over the past 7 days, current month, current year, and overall. # of SMS sent and received across all client accounts over the past 7 days, current month and current year. It also gives you revenue stats of all client accounts over the past 7 days, current month, current year, and overall. These revenue stats take into account all credit packages(1-time and monthly) your users have purchased as well as any activation fees if you are charging for this.
  • Memory Management Improvements on Contacts Page – We have made some memory management improvements on the contacts page, which will help save on server memory especially useful if you have a very large list of contacts.

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