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NEW Advanced Script

UPDATE – July 28, 2015

We’re very excited to announce 9 new upgrades added to the advanced Ultra SMS Script! These new updates will provide even more power to the script making it a truly amazing value. We’re striving to make UltraSMSScript the best SMS marketing platform on the market, and being that it’s a self-hosted platform and *NOT* a monthly service, it gives you complete control, flexibility, and MUCH less expensive!

  • Broadcast from Phone – On the go? No problem at all! You’ll have the ability to blast out your SMS marketing campaigns with a simple text message! No need to login to your account to manage this process. Talk about fast and convenient!
  • SMS to Email / Email to SMS – Ability to get email notices when someone texts in something to your online number(SMS to Email). You can then respond directly to that email from your email client, the system will take that email, turn it around, and text them back(Email to SMS). A great and very useful tool!
    To use this feature, your web host needs to allow email piping which is the case for most web hosts. However, some do not allow it. See here for more info
  • Built-in Link Shortening and Tracking – You have the option to shorten your links so they don’t take up as many characters in your text messages and also track how many clicks were made for a given link to see how effective your message was. A very helpful little tool!
  • Birthday SMS Wishes – Easily collect your contacts’ birthdays when they subscribe to your list. Then, on their birthday or even a certain amount of days before, our system will automatically send them your customized birthday text message. Could be a simple text message, or even a birthday card sent over as MMS!
  • Name and Email Capture – Have the option to collect the name and email from a new subscriber joining your opt-in list! With this setting turned on, after the new subscriber texts in the keyword to join your list, they will get another text sent to them asking them to provide their name. Same with email. This is great if you want to collect names to personalize your SMS messages or emails if you want to promote to them with your email marketing campaigns.
  • Additional SMS-enabled Countries – More countries now have local SMS-enabled numbers available through Twilio, so we have added the ability to search on numbers from these countries and select one of these numbers to assign to your account.
  • Control how many numbers a user can assign to their account – With a previous release, we added the ability for a user to assign multiple numbers to their account, and then rotate through their numbers for better performance and caution. However, the admin could not control this feature or turn it off since some didn’t just want anyone creating an account and purchasing many numbers without at least first communicating with them on their need. Now, the admin can control how many numbers can be assigned to a user account. This will default to 1 and if someone needs to have, for example 5 numbers, then they can contact the admin and if admin approves they can easily go into the admin panel for this user and edit their profile to have 5 numbers. Once they reach this threshold, they will not be able to select and assign any additional numbers.
  • Add new users straight from the admin panel – Very useful if you manage your clients’ accounts for them, you can now create and register their accounts in 1 simple step by adding them right from the admin panel. Before, you needed to do this from the front-end like any user would do, and then have your client verify their account from the verification email they would get. This eliminates this step.
  • Streamlined Nexmo Code – We’ve improved the speed at which our platform rotates through numbers when using the Nexmo API. Since Nexmo doesn’t handle the throttling and queueing of the messages like Twilio does, that logic is left to us to handle. We now have implemented that functionality and streamlined it to perform better than before.

Take the new advanced UltraSMSScript for a test drive and see why it’s fast becoming one of the best and most cost-effective SMS marketing platforms on the market today!

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