April 25, 2023 -  We have now added PHP 8.x Compatibility, Keyword Trigger Notification, Telnyx Toll-Free Registration, and More!  See Details Here 

Thank you for subscribing to your custom plan

Thank you for subscribing to your custom hosted plan!

IMPORTANT: For all tech-support and to get your installation started, please use our helpdesk at >>> https://www.ultrasmsscript.com/helpdesk/

Tech support/installation requests are only responded to through our helpdesk.

We usually carry out the installs within 48 hours of purchase depending on work load (excluding weekends).

BEFORE you create a ticket to have your install done, please use the following nameservers to point your domain name to our server:

ns1.smshostingalpha.org and ns2.smshostingalpha.org

If you need any assistance with that, please contact your domain registrar who can help. You can just give them the above details. Once that is done, please open a ticket to get things started.