May 4, 2022 -  We have now added Your Own Link Shortener, Alphanumeric Sender ID Approval Process, and Much More!  See Details Here 

What is Slooce?

Slooce Technology is a SMS messaging provider who provides an API for platforms such as ours to handle the transmissions of text messages. We have integrated with Slooce specifically for the use of their shared short code, so USA clients can send AND receive text messages on a short code rather than a long code. What’s unique about them is they offer flat monthly rates for messaging packs rather than a per message charge, so you can expand your service without worrying about being charged on a per message basis.

NOTE: Slooce typically only offers larger messaging packs per month, so it’s advisable you contact them first to see what they have available and if it fits into your business objectives before purchasing our platform.

Important: Mention to Behfar Razavi(CEO of SlooceTech) that you were directed to him by UltraSMSScript and I’m sure he will take care of you.

One thing to keep in mind as well is that it’s best to use Slooce for your own business or service and not as a SaaS,  reselling SMS services. You certainly can, however each new user will be required to create their own Slooce account and purchase their own messaging packs from Slooce at wholesale costs. You can then charge a flat rate to these users to use the platform, that is up to you, but it would work best for your own business or service you are marketing.

The best way to experience the platform is to take it for a test drive.

USER PANEL Username & Password: demo

* Contact us for admin panel credentials