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Sticky Sender

UPDATE – July 11, 2017


  • Sticky Sender – We have now added a truly valuable “sticky sender” feature when rotating through the numbers in a user account so that contacts will always receive the message from the same long code number instead of a random one. So now, even if you are rotating through multiple numbers in a user account when sending bulk SMS, your contacts will always receive the message from the same local recognizable phone number to create a consistent experience and increase response rate, maintain conversation history, and establish a true local presence!
  • Email Marketing Service Integration – Another very often requested feature we receive is to add integration to some of the major email marketing services. We now have integrated with Mailchimp, AWeber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and SendinBlue. So now, any time a new contact provides their email address, either through the web widget sign-up form, texting it in(if email capture is turned on), kiosk, or if you add one manually, their email address will get added automatically to whatever email list you select in your email marketing provider.
  • Non-keyword/Non-contact Auto-Response – You now have the option to setup an auto-response for anyone NOT in your contact list that sends you a non-keyword incoming SMS. For example: Joe Smith(not in your contact list) sends in a text “Hey, I’m interested in the house, please contact me.” You can setup a catch-all auto-response for these scenarios where you might text them back “Sure, text in CHAT to start a conversation with us and added to our list”. The keyword CHAT will add them to your contact list and now you can have a 2-way SMS chat with them via the 2-way chat feature.
  • Manually Unsubscribe Contacts – You can now manually unsubscribe a contact from the contact’s list. Previously if they called into your support number asking to be removed or mentioned in a 2-way chat asking to be removed from the list, you could only delete them from your contact list. Now instead you can unsubscribe them, which keeps them on your list to maintain a record of that specific contact, but still prevents them from receiving any future messages.
  • Delete All Imported Contacts from Admin Panel – You now have the ability to delete all imported contacts for a user account from the admin panel. Users should only be importing verifiable, 100% permission-based contacts into the system where they have already obtained permission from these contacts. If a user can not provide verifiable information to you, the admin, of these contacts then you can simply delete all the imported contacts and turn the import feature off for this user account.

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