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Real Estate

Technology has made it possible for real estate agents to capture more of the potential buyer market by applying simple SMS marketing methods to home selling and buying initiatives.

Message Types

From simple text to enter techniques to the more intricate two way texting schematics, realtors have continued to become more clever about using text messaging software to attract and engage their target markets. Potential buyers can receive simple short code messages (SMS) to help agents provide prospective home buyers with unending property information. Because it is sent directly to mobile devices, agents can also capture valuable contact information for these prospects in various regions.


The relatively simple text message software has certainly been very effective. However, there are many other aspects to consider for realtors leveraging the popularity of text messaging. With mobile devices becoming increasingly common, realtors may also include links in bounce back messages in order to steer prospects to relevant mobile virtual tours. This allows people to tour homes without even setting foot inside or having to wait to get to a place where they can view the tour on a laptop or desktop computer.

In this day and age, potential home buyers can take virtual tours from anywhere they like. In addition to videos, agents may make property photo galleries, spec sheets and anything else that could be stored and retrieved over the Internet.


One of the more advantageous aspects about real estate SMS marketing campaigns is the ability to stay in near constant contact with potential customers. Since just about anyone is a potential real estate customer, this ability opens up worlds of opportunity that were never before available.

Cost Savings

The savings on print costs of documents like brochures, flyers, leaflets, extra business cards and signage has also been substantial. In addition, realtors can save a great deal in online advertising costs. The time spent tending to what used to be critical documents has also been saved. Realtors also now have more time to answer potential home buyer questions and actually walk people through properties.

Today’s successful real estate businesses have become that way through connection. Whether it is social media or networking events, personalized content is key in today’s business environment. Nowhere has this ever been more important than in the real estate business. SMS has made it possible to be even more connected to real estate prospects than ever before.