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SMS Reseller White Label Software

Start your own white label SaaS SMS Marketing business in a vastly growing market. UltraSMSScript is the ultimate turn key SMS software platform and can be used as a white label solution for ad and media agencies, marketing providers, and companies serving their own local clients. We provide enterprise level, web-based software at a low 1-time cost. With our SMS marketing software platform, you can service an unlimited number of client accounts and manage these accounts from a very easy and intuitive administration panel giving you complete control.

SMS Marketing is becoming big business. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent every year in the United States alone on mobile marketing campaigns. Businesses from Fortune 500 companies down to the local mom and pop shops have jumped on the SMS marketing bandwagon, and the reasons are because it’s very affordable and have a high ROI due to extremely high open rates and messages arriving instantly. Forget about email spam filters. SMS messages are direct and are opened 95% of the time!

NO MONTHLY / ANNUAL / CLIENT ACCOUNT FEES like other white label platforms require. Pay a 1-time fee for UltraSMSScript with our self-hosted option, or if you don’t want to mess around with hosting, we can do that for you with our monthly hosted plans!

100% SMS White Label Software Solution. Start Your Own Business or Grow Your Existing One.

Use your own logo / branding

Set your own pricing & mark-up

Create 1-time and monthly plans

Integrated with PayPal / Stripe

Safe, Reliable and Robust Platform

Wholesale SMS costs – NO mark-up

Easy to use administration panel

Accept payments in 17 currencies

Other Features

  • 10 different user panel templates to choose from! New
  • Intuitive web-based user control panel
  • Control which payment gateway you want to use, PayPal/Stripe or Both
  • Turn off/on activation fee module(optional revenue)
  • Built on the Twilio, Plivo, Ytel, Nexmo, Telnyx, SignalWire, and Bandwidth APIs.
  • Very low outbound SMS fees starting at .0075 for Twilio, .0058 for Nexmo, .0025 for Telnyx, and .0050 for Plivo and Ytel.
  • Use 1 or all SMS gateways inside the script
  • Associate different SMS gateways with different countries and user accounts
  • Over 200 countries and over 1,200 mobile carriers supported
  • Admin reporting on platform usage
  • Optional free trial credits for each new user
  • Offer a free trial period for each new user
  • Control default user permissions globally on signup, per user account, and per monthly package
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Create both monthly and “add-on” credit packages
  • Create monthly numbers packages and sell numbers

3 Revenue Streams

Activation Fee Module (Optional) – In the admin panel, you can turn on or off the activation fee flag. If it’s turned on, then in order to use and unlock all the features of the software, the user must pay an activation fee which is determined and set by you. It could be $1, $50, or even nothing, that’s for you to decide. If turned off, then once that user registers and confirms registration through the verification email they receive, they are automatically activated.

Credit Packages – Your customers will need to purchase credits in order to use the system. These credit packages are also setup by you in the admin panel and you determine the cost/mark-up for whatever amount of credits in each package. There are 2 types of credit packages you can setup in the admin panel. “pay-as-you-go” or add-on credits and monthly subscription packages. This type of flexibility is important for many users that want full control as some will just want to purchase pay-as-you-go as they need them. Some will want monthly packages and some will need both as they may need to top off their account with add-on credits when they need a little more for that month.

Number Packages – You can charge your clients for any additional(secondary) local numbers they want to assign to their account. The first number(primary) is always free and included as this is a very strong marketing tactic that each client account comes with 1 free number. If you want to charge for any additional numbers, simply turn this setting on and when your client attempts to get another number, they will be prompted they must purchase a monthly numbers package. Create numbers packages with any amount of numbers in each package.

Built on the Twilio, Plivo, Telnyx, Nexmo, SignalWire, Ytel, and Bandwidth APIs

White label SMS reseller software built on Twilio, Plivo, Ytel, and Nexmo

Our software is developed from the ground up utilizing 7 of the very best, world class Twilio, Ytel, Plivo, Nexmo, Telnyx, SignalWire, and Bandwidth SMS providers, which are highly robust, secure, and scalable to your demands. You are required to sign up for one of these SMS provider accounts depending on which SMS gateway you want to use. Your SMS gateway account and the script gets linked up via 2 API security tokens that they provide and any SMS and/or voice costs are simply taken from the pre-paid balance of your SMS provider account. The credit packages you create in the admin panel for your customers to purchase from you must take the gateway costs into account. You set your own pricing to cover costs and generate a profit.

Twilio Pricing: Here | Ytel Pricing: Here | Nexmo Pricing: Here | Plivo Pricing: Here | SignalWire Pricing: Here | Telnyx Pricing: Here | Bandwidth Pricing: Here

Sample SMS credit packages you can offer

– Simply set these up in the admin and set them however you wish

100 messages
20 cents / message

200 messages
12.5 cents / message

500 messages
8 cents / message

1000 messages
6 cents / message

Actual SMS usage charges with Telnyx based on above credit packages

– Assuming .0025 cent per SMS message

SMS Plan 100 SMS Plan 200 SMS Plan 500 SMS Plan 1000
Messages 100 200 500 1000
Cost $.25 $.50 $1.25 $2.5
Profit $19.75 $24.5 $38.75 $57.5

Actual SMS usage charges with Twilio based on above credit packages

– Assuming .0075 cent per SMS message

SMS Plan 100 SMS Plan 200 SMS Plan 500 SMS Plan 1000
Messages 100 200 500 1000
Cost $.75 $1.5 $3.75 $7.5
Profit $19.25 $23.5 $36.25 $52.5

Actual SMS usage charges with Nexmo based on above credit packages

– Assuming .0058 cent per SMS message

SMS Plan 100 SMS Plan 200 SMS Plan 500 SMS Plan 1000
Messages 100 200 500 1000
Cost $.58 $1.16 $2.9 $5.8
Profit $19.42 $23.84 $37.10 $54.2

Actual SMS usage charges with Plivo and Ytel based on above credit packages

– Assuming .0050 cent per SMS message

SMS Plan 100 SMS Plan 200 SMS Plan 500 SMS Plan 1000
Messages 100 200 500 1000
Cost $.50 $1 $2.5 $5
Profit $19.50 $24 $37.50 $55

Your profit margins are fantastic with any of the SMS gateways you decide to go with! With the cheap wholesale costs of SMS and whatever price you decide to set for your credit packages, reselling SMS gives you the opportunity to make money and run a profitable business.

Our SMS Reseller White Label Software is very easy to install and get up and running in no time at all! It comes with simple, step-by-step installation instructions, admin panel field descriptions PDF, 275 page comprehensive user guide PDF, and marketing materials to help promote your business! However, should you need assistance with installing the software or any questions that arise, we are here to help. All tech-support goes through our helpdesk.

FREE 275 Page White Label User GuideFREE (Editable) Marketing Materials

SMS Reseller Platform Features

A quick glance at our white label SMS platform features!


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