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Medical Practices

Being a qualified medical professional and running a successful practices are two very different things. So much so, that many medical professional invest in marketing strategies to attract potential patients. One avenue that can yield impressive results is through SMS or text message marketing.

Today’s modern age has shifted the face of advertising from print and television to tablets and cell phones. Understanding this shift is fundamental to attracting new patients. Much emphasis has been placed on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. By the reality is that while not everyone will have an active role on Facebook or Twitter, 80% of you potential and current patient base will have a cell phone with SMS capabilities.

SMS Messages vs. Other Electronic Correspondence
Another benefit of effectively marketing a medical practice via text messages is that while social networking and email blasts use a dragnet approach that relies on numbers, SMS messages are always personalized and have a 95% open and read rate. When you compare the 40% open rate for chain emails, the wise marketing choice is clear. Many people have smart phones that they can their email with, but when they receive a text message, they still open it almost instantly. SMS messaging is and will continue to be a “personalized” approach that will yield higher read and response rates than any other electronic correspondence.

Low Cost Advertising
Text message advertising is an effective way to reach many current and potential patients for a low price. SMS recipients have opted to receive messages, so the response rate will be high. Any investment in targeting potential patients will yield a high return and maximize profits as opposed to other avenues of marketing. Another tangible benefit of SMS messaging is that it eliminates the cost of paper and shipping. It’s a paperless form of communication that requires a short message and the press of a button.

Response Rates
As mentioned earlier, SMS correspondence is a service for which current and potential patients have opted in to receive. That new dental exam promotion will be welcome news to patients that signed up to receive text messages about specials at the practice. By sending personalized messages to people who have signed up to recieve them, response rates could be as high as 20%. This strategy would be ideal for any medical professional looking to build clientele.