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Mass Texting: Mass Text Messaging for Business

Bulk texting, also known as mass texting, is a powerful business tool when in the right hands. An easy anecdote for mobile device users would be to examine your own usage. Your mobile device is likely in reach right now.  If not, you can likely see it. Statistically, the results are not any different. Mobile users spend, on average, 87 hours per month on their device. Additionally, the average mobile user reads a text message within 3 minutes of receiving it.

With mobile devices always in-hand and the Pavlovian response to text messaging, mass text messaging campaigns are incredibly powerful marketing tools. SMS has proven to be more effective than mobile advertising, email and telephone calls and more consumers are opting in to communicate with businesses through SMS.

Smart businesses are already using bulk texting to announce deals and discounts, promote special events, offer appointments and send reminders, link to online purchase options, or simply to build their brand. In reality, the possibilities are endless, which is why nearly a quarter of marketing experts see mass messaging tools as a major component of their content strategy, with the number growing every year.  No matter the industry, there is someone leveraging bulk texting because of its diversity, reach and effectiveness in messaging.

Mass Texting: Opt-In Options

There is a way to make mass text messaging work for your business; it just takes some creativity and ingenuity to build your contacts list and target your campaigns.

Good news, there are tools for that!

Widget, Did It

Time to put those marketing devices you already have in place to good use. The first step in building your subscriber list for mass messaging is to convert your in-store customers, website visitors and email newsletter readers into contacts.  In-store, you can grab the customer’s phone number on purchase or through promotions.  Online, both on the web and by email, you can embed a web-widget that encourages the customer to signup to receive SMS from your business. Any good SMS marketing platform will provide you with the widget you need to plug into your website or email newsletter. The great part about those that opt-in through these avenues is that they are already excited about your product or service and that makes them highly likely to respond positively to your mass texting campaigns.

Key-In on Keywords

Another method for building out your subscriber list allows you to be creative in your approach. Keyword marketing can be effective online, on TV and radio, in print, on flyers, flown behind airplanes, on posters, carved into bathroom stalls, or pretty much anywhere. There is no limit to sources, because as long as you get the telephone number the new subscriber needs to text and the keyword into their hands they can opt-in. Subscribers need only to text the keyword to the telephone number provided and they are instantly signed up for your messaging campaign.

Keyword marketing works well with branding initiatives. When your branding catches the eye of a potential customer keyword marketing gives them a call to action that is quick and easy for them to complete, and one that sets them up for future marketing and sales.

There is one catch to keywords; not every SMS platform allows unlimited keywords, so make sure you do your homework before locking-in your choice and ensure that you always have access to as many custom keywords as you need.

Rewards for the Loyal

For those running bricks and mortar businesses, it is important to keep customers coming through the doors. Loyalty programs have proven successful in retaining customers and also, if done properly, can help you build your bulk texting subscriber list.

Any good SMS marketing platform will have all of the software needed to set up a loyalty kiosk, which only needs a tablet to function. Especially effective in fitness centers, restaurants and shops by rewarding customers for checking-in, Kiosks build loyalty to your business, allow you to track your customer habits and add to your contact database.

Kiosks are both a fun and unique experience for customers where they feel they are benefiting from your loyalty rewards program, while you are also encouraging or even requiring them to opt-in for mass texting.

Mass Texting Features

Check out some of our bulk texting features!

Mass Text Messaging: Contact Collection

As your subscriber list continues to expand, it becomes essential to properly manage, sort, search and organize your contact list. The SMS solution that you deploy for bulk texting should have a powerful Contact Manager that captures all of the data you require to properly segment your contacts for targeted marketing campaigns.

Of course, you may want to mass message your entire contact database but sometimes a clever marketer will want to send one message to a certain set of contacts while sending a completely different message to another set.

For example, a bar is running a keyword marketing campaign to promote a mixed martial arts pay-per-view event they are hosting.  Posters are displayed asking customers to text either Fighter #1 or Fighter #2’s name to the bar’s SMS number. Those texts prompt separate welcome messages and allow the bar to send bulk texts about future events based on the fighter of the customer’s choice.

The best part is that the Contact Manager works seamlessly with the contact builders listed above, so your Contact Manager is always up-to-date and ready for your next mass texting campaign.

Bulk Texting: Go Big, Go Bulk

The tools are there for you to take advantage of bulk texting as a marketing tool.  Text marketing is mostly untapped yet vastly more effective than other traditional and online marketing tactics.  With the right SMS solution, the opportunity to be creative in building your subscriber base and a powerful means to leveraging your contacts list, your business will have a massive edge in marketing and promotions through mass texting.  It’s time to go big and go bulk!

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