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SMS marketing has become an incredibly popular- and effective- form of marketing ever since its inception in the early 2000’s. Also called text message marketing, SMS marketing is performed when a business sends out a mass text to all of the people who have signed up to be on a list. Every customer who is on that list will see the text and then be reminded about the specific business’s product or service. This is good for the customer because they stay informed, and it is good for the business because they are getting exposure. SMS marketing has been used effectively by a variety of businesses, as is the case with the entertainment industry.

Anyone in the entertainment industry knows how important it is for their work to get exposure. The only way that a movie, TV show or song is going to get popular is if people see it for themselves, so quick and frequent marketing is a must. The average text message is seen within four minutes, so sending out an update every time your show is going to air or every week before your book comes out is a great way to remind your fans to give you that exposure. Email marketing may not be seen until after the date of your concert has passed, but texts are fast and not able to be subjected to a spam folder.

Everyone loves entertainment, and everyone has a phone. So it only makes sense that the two go hand-in-hand. Whether you want to market a book, concert, movie, or TV show, SMS marketing is the best way to reach your fans. And in addition to reaching the fans with the phones, you are also reaching anyone who they are with. An email is usually read in solitude, but texts are mobile; your fans could be at work or with friends, and you can bet that they are going to spread the news that their favorite musician is coming to town next week.