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Automated Text Messages: Automated Text Messaging for Business

How a business interacts with their current and potential customer base is crucial. Without specific methods in place, you can easily neglect your customers. If you don’t keep in regular contact with a specific set of customers they may look elsewhere so they feel more valued and appreciated. On the other hand, if you mistime and saturate your customers with marketing ploys and reminders then you may make them feel overwhelmed and put them off returning to you.

Thankfully, there is a clever way around these potential pitfalls which allows you to make meaningful connections to your clients at the right time. Automated text messaging is becoming a staple tool within a host of businesses. They’re exceptionally versatile in making convenient and quality connections with customers for many different reasons. Let’s explain automated messaging in more detail so you know what your business is missing out on!

What Are Automated Text Messages?

Automated text messages are sometimes known as scheduled text messaging. They are text messages that have been written in advance but scheduled to be automatically sent to your target audience at a specific time on a pre-set date. They are specifically used to make timely connections to your customer base.

Automated text messages are one of the simplest and most convenient ways of keeping in touch with your valuable customers. They are easy to compose and can be made personal by adding names. They can be used to send appointment reminders, aid marketing campaigns outlining deals and offers and send relevant information to a specific segment of your customer base.

Automated Text Messaging on a Schedule

Typing out a single text to a friend, family member, or love interest is fine and dandy but nowhere near efficient enough for the business world. When you have thousands of contacts that need to hear from you, you need a tool that allows you to hit all of those contacts at just the right time. Bulk SMS Scheduling for automated texting is the perfect solution for this new world of business.

Business Case: Marketing Campaigns

The customers to Jane’s ‘Custom T-Shirt Company’ love her artwork and limited-edition runs but hate having to check her site constantly for new releases. As such, her merchandise would slowly trickle out of the door based solely on people remembering to check for something new. That was until Jane discovered the power of automated texting. Now she is able to schedule automated messages to notify previous customers and those signed-up for updates the instant that she releases new material.  Now her merchandise goes into second and third runs just to keep up with the demand.

Business Case: Events

There’s nothing worse than putting on an event and not having anyone show up. Worse, having to move or reschedule an event and having people showing up at the wrong place or time. Before Hank set up his SMS automated texting for his band, fans had an impossible time keeping up with performance dates. Hank isn’t the best with computers and worse with remembering to market his band, but with bulk SMS scheduling he can write out and schedule his texts months in advance, change them on the fly and keep his fans happy and in-the-know about date and venue changes.

Business Case: Promotions

A good business has its marketing and promotions lined up months ahead of time. Karen’s ‘Kupcakes’ are famous for their wedding and party catering and that is because they are aggressive in promoting their brand and products. They also run a successful SMS campaign to make sure that people know when they are out at wedding conventions, send images of their products at weddings and provide customers with discounts and promotions. Karen knows the power of Bulk SMS promotions and is making it work for her growing cupcake empire.

Automated Texting: Autoresponders, Roll Out!

Customers now expect to be treated like royalty, or else they will take their business to someone who truly values their time and money. One key element to giving clients and customers the preferential treatment, making them feel like someone important to you, is to send them personalized texts when they sign up with your organization. But as we’ve already discussed, finding the time to actually message each person individually would be a nightmare. Cue automated text messaging in the form of autoresponders.

Autoresponders can be used to send to new subscribers, clients, users, or customers instantaneously, for that immediate gratification, or on a delay to make the message seem even more genuine. Further messaging can be scheduled to keep the target involved in the organization or act as a call to action. Again, this is all done without you, the organization, lifting a finger once the campaign is in place!

Business Case: Healthy SMS

Ivan is a Life Coach and he has clients world-wide. Upon signing up for any of his programs, Ivan wants to make his new clients feel special, welcomed and valued while keeping his clients engaged long-term. He sets up autoresponders which sends his clients’ messages on a schedule hours and days after they join his list. Whether it’s weekly tips, specials deals coming, and advice to give, Ivan has a well-constructed series of messages that drip out on a schedule he creates.

Business Case: Build Your Base

Lucy has eyes on a political position and she is gearing up for her campaign. Being the forward-thinking leader that she is, she has set up an ingenious autoresponder campaign that promotes her platform over time to those that subscribe. Leading all the way up to election day, Lucy’s campaign is set, starting from a grateful welcome, to a compassionate call for support, to a celebratory acknowledgement and every step is sent hands-free, leaving Lucy time to connect face-to-face with voters before the big day.

Automated Text Messaging Features

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Benefits Of Automated Text Messages

The benefits of automated text messages are plentiful. From a practical standpoint, this is one of the simplest and most effective ways of reaching out to your customers. It’s extremely easy to use the software to set up your messages, make them personal and send them exactly when you want. Our interface will never leave you pulling at your hair trying to get your automated messaging tactics just right. It’s also an efficient way of contacting your customers because you can reuse the same messages over again without needing to rewrite them – they remain saved for unlimited use.

All of these convenient and time-saving benefits are made even more lucrative when you consider the cost of setting up and using automated messaging. Automated messaging is cheaper than many other marketing services and other common ways of keeping in close contact with customers. Instead of paying for expensive services like social media management to keep your customers exposed to your business movements, this is a much more wallet-friendly option.

When you use automated texting in a strategic way, they can become an indispensable tool to increase revenue or build your customer base. You can prevent no-shows at costly appointments and save time. You can increase awareness of current offers and services. You can make them feel valued and part of your community. The list goes on – there really are no limitations!

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