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How do I purchase the Level 4 version?

For the Level 4 version of the platform, you will receive 100% of the source code. With the non-encoded version, you must sign a source code license/non-resale agreement.

The UltraSMSScript Source Code License/Non-Resale Agreement can be found here – UltraSMSScript Source Code License/Non-Resale Agreement and once this has been filled out and signed, return it back to us.

There are 2 payment options with Level 4. Option 1 is accepted in all cases and option 2 is accepted at my discretion only.

1. Wire transfer. After you sign and send back the agreement, I will send you my bank details for wire transfer.
2. Credit card. In this option, you must sign and send back 2 items. One, please fill out and send back a credit card authorization form found here: UltraSMSScript CC Authorization Form. Two, please scan and send back a copy of your driver’s license or valid photo ID.

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