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Can I use my existing Twilio number?

Yes, however there are a few additional steps. If you want to use your existing Twilio number you currently own instead of getting one through the script after you create a new user, then follow these steps.

1. In your Twilio account, go to

2. Click on that number and in the “A Call Comes In” field under “Voice & Fax”, enter “”
and for the “A Call Comes In” field under “Messaging”, enter “”.

**NOTE: is the complete path of where you have the script installed at.

3. Login into your admin panel and for that user, update the number field. If your number is (630)444-7979
then update the users table in the admin panel to 16304447979. ** No parenthesis, dashes, or spaces in number. INCLUDE the country code.

4. In your MySQL database you created when installing the platform, go into the users table and for that user update the “sms”, “mms”, “voice”, and “fax” fields according to the capabilities of your number. If your number has sms, mms, voice, and fax capabilities, set those fields to 1 and update the table.

5. In the same users table of your MySQL database, update the “phone_sid” field to the “SID” value found on the Twilio numbers details page above under “Properties”.

6. Also in the users table of your MySQL database, update the “number_limit_count” field to 1 if this is your 1st number. Any additional numbers you want to add will need to be inserted into the “user_numbers” table. With each number, you would increment the “number_limit_count” field in the users table by 1.

NOTE: Keep in mind that if purchasing the Twilio numbers through the script by clicking the “Get Number” link on the left menu, all this is handled automatically.

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