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Why did I get charged 3 times for sending 1 SMS?

You have a Unicode character in your message and Twilio/Nexmo is splitting it. Be careful not to copy and paste your message from applications like MS Word because it can insert those characters in there inadvertently.

Messages with one or more non-GSM characters are limited to 70 characters. Any SMS messages that include 1 or more non-GSM characters will be separated by Twilio into messages of 70 characters or less.

See here for more info

So if you have a message with 150 characters and has 1 unicode character in it, you will be charged 3 times since it has to split it 3 times into 70 character segments. You can also paste the text you’re attempting to send by going here http://unicode.chadrs.me/static/html5/gsm.html and the non-GSM characters will be highlighted for your reference. Just make sure the text you are sending doesn’t contain any Unicode characters.

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