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Why am I getting a not found 500.shtml error after sending bulk SMS?

There are timeout properties on your server that have been exceeded. In most cases, the “max_execution_time” property in your server’s php.ini configuration file has been exceeded and needs to be increased. If that doesn’t work, there are other Apache timeout properties that might kill execution of the script. One such property is the “mod_fcgid” read data timeout property. That can be changed in your server’s fcgid.conf file in a property called “FcgidIOTimeout” or “IPCCommTimeout” depending on what version of mod_fcgid your server has installed.

NOTE: All this should be done by your web host as they will have access to these files. You would just have to open a ticket with them.

Keep in mind if you’re on a shared server, most web hosts will only allow these properties to be increased to a certain point since they don’t want other processes and scripts bogging down a server that is shared by others. This is why we recommend a VPS since you have more control over timeout properties such as these.

What are the hosting requirements?

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